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Subject:  Wiki / FAQ thoughts
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We have not had a discussion on this for a few years, so thought it
worth getting some opinion...

The wiki continues to grow slowly... (137 registered users, of which 4
do most of the regular editing / writing), It has 530 main articles,
with 2700 odd pages of stuff.

Its been looked at by getting on for 8 million viewers since it was
created. Many pages get 10s of thousands of views and the top few have
had over 100K views now.

The FAQ is getting less attention. The most popular pages (plumbing
generally - combis and the mid position valve being favourite get about
150 to 180 views per month. Power tools and a few electrical articles
get less than 50/month. All the rest does not even register in the stats.

There is some duplication between the sites, and the FAQ is showing its
age in some cases.

My temptation is to start pruning some of the older FAQ content where it
is bettered by wiki material, and start to migrate some of the better
stuff to the wiki. That then leaves the question as what should be the
role of the FAQ?

It could:

* stay as it is
* include comment / discussion sections
* move to a blog format with more regular updates of peoples DIY stories
* go slightly commercial - carry some ads or affiliate links and use the
revenue generated to do stuff like buy prises for competitions or
whatever else
* Act as a gateway to the newsgroup
* Vanish altogether




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