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...What the Babi Movement of the middle of the nineteenth century and
the Constitutional Revolution of the end of the nineteenth/beginning
of the twentieth century ultimately reveal is how as soon as the
insurrectionary spirit of Shi’ism degenerates in one case it
resuscitates itself in another. As soon as the Babi movement of the
middle of the century degenerated into the Baha’i religion, the
Constitutional Revolution of the end of the century becomes the
repository of all the hopes and aspirations that were brutally
murdered with the execution of the Bab in 1850. The collective spirit
of protest that is in Shi’ism in its most insurrectionary moments
divests its aspirations from the lofty but irrelevant and megalomaniac
claims of Baha’ullah and invests them in local and anonymous figures
far closer to their miseries and hopes. The Constitutional Revolution
thus rises like a sphinx from the ashes of the Babi
Movement...Baha’ullah systematically eradicated every ounce of
revolutionary energy from Babism and put it squarely at the service of
the reigning monarchy and of Russian and then British colonialism. By
the time that Iranians were getting ready to tear down the very
foundation of Qajar monarchy in the course of the Constitutional
Revolution, Baha’ullah officially sided with [Nasiruddin] Shah. His
son and successor Abd al-Baha went even further and was knighted by
George V, and under the British mandate established the center of his
vanity in Haifa...

~ Hamid Dabashi

Maxism is a political ideology. It seeks destruction of nations,
destruction of distinct peoples, destruction of the family and natural
male-female relations via “feminism” (which is effectively anti-
woman), and destruction of religion.

The Baha’i faith seeks all these same things, except they won’t say
the last part because they think they are a religion. Indeed, what the
Baha’i Faith really is, is Marxism (a political ideology) posing as a
religion. As to the aspect of religion, you can’t have a group of
people completely focused on the world, racial mixing, bodies, and the
external — and call it a respectable religion. The respectable
religions negate the world (as Baha’u'llah himself did, often calling
it the “world of dust” not worthy of attention). The Baha’i Faith is
opposite to this; it is is completely world-focused. Thus it is, in
reality, a negation of real religion or the best wisdom aspects of
religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, [Islam] and Yoga. In
that way, the Baha’i Faith also fulfills the Marxist goal of
destruction-of-religion. Because once a people has let their religion
be replaced by the Baha’i Faith, they really don’t have “religion” at
all any more.

For this reason Baha’is don’t NEED to be involved in politics (and I
think many of the connections you site are only happenstance, Baha’is
trying to create photo ops for themselves). They don’t need to be
“involved” in politics because the Baha’i Faith is 100 percent a
political movement at this point. (What’s everybody pushing for on the
political stage? Destruction of national sovereignty, affirmative
action for minorities, etc.) They are politics itself.

At the same time they influence the minds of politicians and governors
and convey to them Marxist ideals under the strange nimbus of religion
that they float around those nation-destroying ideals. Lots of naive
governors, lacking real religious understanding (sic), start thinking
that race and nation-destruction is virtuous.

~ Julian Lee (January 2012)

...[A] conspiracy is something fairly banal, simply any network of
associates who act in concert by hiding their concerted association
from outsiders, an authority that proceeds by preventing its
activities from being visible enough to provoke counter-reaction [is
engaging in a conspiracy]...

-Julian Assange and the Computer Conspiracy to destroy the Invisible
(see also State and Terrorist Conspiracies by Julian Assange)

Anglo-American Atlanticist symmetry of hypocrisy! (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?)

Start HERE (Sourcewatch):

1. Baha'i Faith (Who's computer is this?)

* See also, Bahai Brainwashing Corporation: Bahá'í Manipulation of
People and Governments (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?)

(Persian) (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?)
and (Who's computer is this?)
Global Governance and the “New World Order Religion”
The Role of the Baha'i. In the Wake of the Newtown School Massacre (Who's computer is this?)
2. Baha'i Internet Agency (Who's computer is this?)
See as well (Gang Stalking): (Who's computer is this?)

See also this article, (Who's computer is this?)

and (Who's computer is this?)

Also watch, (Who's computer is this?)

(For a tally of other Baha'i related Sourcewatch articles, see below

3. An Episcopalian view of Baha'ism (Who's computer is this?)

Baha’i The New World Religion of The NWO (Who's computer is this?)

4. Then see,
SECTS OF BAHAIS: A Taxonomy of Baha'i Sects, (Who's computer is this?)


5. Documentary film by independent Israeli film maker Naama Pyritz:

BAHA'IS IN MY BACKYARD (Who's computer is this?)
(link now defunct)

Comment: Larger Haifan Baha'i organization sues smaller Orthodox
Baha'i faith for trademark infringement on the name Baha'i and loses.

US NSA vs OBF (Orthodox Baha'i Faith)
Regarding the court victory by the Orthodox Baha'is, and the suit
brought by the Haifan Bahai organization against them: (Who's computer is this?)

Judge's decision (Who's computer is this?)

OBF/BUPC appeals victory Haifan organization loss (Who's computer is this?)

7. BAHAI Tactics and Techniques (Who's computer is this?)

"Slanderous Vilification" = The Baha'i Technique - Ad Hominem, Libel,
Slander, Demonize, Scapegoat, Ostracize, Shun, Banish, Backbite,
Defame, Vilify, Discredit, Smear, Revile, Suppress, Attack, Bully,
Intimidate, Threaten, Malign, Blackball, Deceive, Coerce, Silence,
Harass... etc., etc.... CAUTION NON-BAHAIS

1. As far as possible they hold back from responding
2. Then they claim no knowledge of the given issue by feigning
3. After the exposer has exposed they will try to divert to secondary
and totally peripheral and irrelevent side-issues
4. The exposer is then painted as someone with an axe to grind,
biased, deluded (while they, the bahaim, still have not responded to
the main issue exposed)
5. Next they relate mental instability and insanity to the exposer,
i.e. shoot the messenger
6. Then, the last tactic, is to wheel out several dubious personas on
the scene who claim to be neutral non-bahai observers who then begin
attacking the exposer as well as the issue exposed while supporting
the bahais and their issues as so-called non-bahais

Quote (Who's computer is this?)
Professor Juan Cole, University of Michigan, June 12, 1998:

"Let me ask you why in the world you think that I would risk my
professional reputation by publicly stating falsehoods? ...The very
technique of the more glaze-eyed among these people is to unbearably
bully a Baha'i whom they don't like, use unjustified threats of
declaring him or her a CB [Covenant Breaker (heretic)] to silence the
individual, and if the person will not be silenced, then to depend
upon the gullibility of the Baha'is in refusing to listen to any
victim's story because, of course, the Baha'i institutions are
infallible and divinely guided and could never do anything wrong. It
is a perfect racket. Of course, this technique of making liberals go
away has been enormously successful, and ex-Baha'i liberals have no
credibility with the remaining Baha'is nor do most of them have any
energy to continue to make a case, either to the Baha'is or the
outside world, for the incredible abuses that go on inside this
organization ostensibly committed to tolerance!" (Who's computer is this?)

Professor Juan Cole, February 23, 1999:
"There is nothing to be puzzled by. Right wing Baha'is only like to
hear the sound of their own voices (which are the only voices they
will admit to being "Baha'i" at all). Obviously, the world is so
constructed that they cannot in fact only hear their own voices. They
are forced to hear other voices that differ from theirs. This most
disturbs them when the voices come from enrolled Baha'is or when the
voices speak of the Baha'i faith. The way they sometimes deal with the
enrolled Baha'is is to summon them to a heresy inquiry and threaten
them with being shunned if they do not fall silent. With non-Baha'is
or with ex-Baha'is, they deal with their speech about the faith by
backbiting, slandering and libelling the speaker. You will note that
since I've been on this list I have been accused of long-term heresy,
of "claiming authority," of out and out lying (though that was
retracted, twice), of misrepresentation, of 'playing fast and loose
with the facts,' and even of being 'delusional.' I have been accused
of all these falsehoods by *Baha'is*, by prominent Baha'is. I have
been backbitten by them. This shows that all the talk about the danger
a sharp tongue can do, all the talk about the need for harmony, for
returning poison with honey, for a sin-covering eye, is just *talk*
among right wing Baha'is. No one fights dirtier than they when they
discover a voice they cannot silence and cannot refute.... (Who's computer is this?)

BAHAI TACTICS according to Henry Tad (Who's computer is this?)


See Susan Stiles Maneck, (Who's computer is this?)
of Hikmat in the Baha’i Writings


"In many cases hikmat calls for the apparent suspension of a Bahá'í
principle in order to ensure the protection of the Faith."

Comment: In other words Baha'is may lie under any circumstance to
ensure the protection of their organizational cohesiveness.

See as well,

Haifan Baha'is lied about the late Ayatollah Montazeri's 2008 fatwa (Who's computer is this?)

Hypocrisy of Haifan Baha'i Faith exposed once again!!topic/talk.religion.bahai/bl66dEPuSAQ


Shoghi Effendi's equivocation on the Third Reich (Who's computer is this?)

"There is nothing more contrary to the spirit of the Cause than open
rebellion against the governmental authorities of a country, specially
if they do not interfere in and do not oppose the inner and sacred
beliefs and religious convictions of the individual. And there is
every reason to believe that the present regime in Germany which has
thus far refused to trample upon the domain of individual conscience
in all matters pertaining to religion will never encroach upon it in
the near future, unless some unforeseen and unexpected changes take
place. And this seems to be doubtful at present." (The Lights of
Divine Guidance, Vol. I, p. 54)



See Critique of Baha'i Administration (defunct as of 2006) (Who's computer is this?)


"We don't want to be like those people who want to see God with their
own eyes, or hear His melody with their own ears, because we have been
given the gift of being able to see through the eyes of the House of
Justice and listen through the ears of the House of Justice." - Bahai
Counselor Rebeque Murphy (Who's computer is this?)
To hear this section of her talk go to: (Who's computer is this?)
(Link now defunct) (Who's computer is this?)
A Document Prepared by the Universal House of Justice
January 29 2001


Protection of the Cause (pp. 15-16)

Although deepening the friends' understanding of the Covenant and
increasing their love and loyalty to it are of paramount importance,
the duties of the Auxiliary Board members for Protection do not end
here. The Board members must remain ever vigilant, monitoring the
actions of those who, driven by the promptings of ego, seek to sow the
seeds of doubt in the minds of the friends and undermine the Faith. In
general, whenever believers become aware of such problems, they should
immediately contact whatever institution they feel moved to turn to,
whether it be a Counsellor, an Auxiliary Board member, the National
Spiritual Assembly or their own Local Assembly. It then becomes the
duty of that institution to ensure that the report is fed into the
correct channels and that all the other institutions affected are
promptly informed. Not infrequently, the responsibility will fall on
an Auxiliary Board member, in coordination with the Assembly
concerned, to take some form of action in response to the situation.
This involvement will include counselling the believer in question;
warning him, if necessary, of the consequences of his actions; and
bringing to the attention of the Counsellors the gravity of the
situation, which may call for their intervention. Naturally, the Board
member has to exert every effort to counteract the schemes and arrest
the spread of the influence of those few who, despite attempts to
guide them, eventually break the Covenant.

The need to protect the Faith from the attacks of its enemies may not
be generally appreciated by the friends, particularly in places where
attacks have been infrequent. However, it is certain that such
opposition will increase, become concerted, and eventually universal.
The writings clearly foreshadow not only an intensification of the
machinations of internal enemies, but a rise in the hostility and
opposition of its external enemies, whether religious or secular, as
the Cause pursues its onward march towards ultimate victory.
Therefore, in the light of the warnings of the Guardian, the Auxiliary
Boards for Protection should keep "constantly" a "watchful eye" on
those "who are known to be enemies, or to have been put out of the
Faith", discreetly investigate their activities, alert intelligently
the friends to the opposition inevitably to come, explain how each
crisis in God's Faith has always proved to be a blessing in disguise,
and prepare them for the "dire contest which is destined to range the
Army of Light against the forces of darkness".

UK National Baha'i curriculum (Who's computer is this?)



The Covenant is what separates us from oblivion. It is the umbilical
cord for the soul. It is the fulcrum by which to lever the world. It
is the driving force of the universe. Adherence to it in times of
great danger causes all the angels, the Concourse on High and the
creatures of the world beyond to rush to assist the faithful. No power
can overcome it, all powers are its servant. To skirt its boundaries
is to invite insanity and immolation.


Letter of US NSA to Dann May and Phyllis Bernard and their response
(2006) (Who's computer is this?)

features of Bahai Stalinism) (2009) (Who's computer is this?)

Part 2 (2010) (Who's computer is this?)


11: BAHAI NOTIONS of FREEDOM of CONSCIENCE according to EX-UHJ member
DOUGLAS MARTIN -- Monday, September 23, 2001 (Who's computer is this?)


"We have inherited a dangerous delusion from Christianity that our
individual conscience is supreme. This is not a Baha'i belief. In the
end, in the context of both our role in the community and our role in
the greater world, we must be prepared to sacrifice our personal
convictions or opinions. The belief that individual conscience is
supreme is equivalent to "taking partners with God" which is abhorrent
to the Teachings of the Faith." (Who's computer is this?)

12: NOTE especially, S.G. Wilson,


at, (Who's computer is this?)

Multi-Milliard Rial Scam By A Baha’i Company in Dubai (Who's computer is this?)

14: FBI raids office of Baha’i at Univ. Florida (2009) (Who's computer is this?)

15: BAHAI BUSINESS PRACTICES IN THE USA (2004) (Who's computer is this?)

16: BAHAI INCEST CASE IN PERU (2003-2004) (Who's computer is this?)

and BAHAI INCEST CASE IN IRAN (2009) (Who's computer is this?)

- Accusations of Pimping and Child Trafficking against the US NSA
(2012) (Who's computer is this?)

and (Who's computer is this?)

17: BAHAI SPY RING IN INDIA BUSTED (Who's computer is this?)

- Baha'is engage in acts of Cyber-Terrorism against the government of
Iran (2011) (Who's computer is this?)
- Israeli government renews Tax-exempt status of Baha'i Center (Who's computer is this?)

Also see,
NEW Era, Panchgani (Who's computer is this?)


18: Baha'u'llah (the Baha'i founder) On the Critics of the Cause

Ma'idih-i-Asmani, vol. 4, page 355 (Who's computer is this?)

Translation by Wahid Azal (Jan. 7, 2009)


Chapter 11

The Critics of the Cause of God (munkirin-i-amru'llah)

The Ancient Beauty in the Tablet of Habib from Maragha, which begins
with "H B hear the call of God from the direction of the throne by the
protective signs/verses (bi-ayati muhayyimin)..etc." they [i.e. Husayn
'Ali Nuri] enunciate the command (mi-farmayand) [i.e. state],

By God, the Truth, whomsoever criticizes it [i.e. Baha'ism], [which
is] possessed of the manifest, the brilliant, the high and the
perspicuous excellence, it behoveth him to ask his mother [yanbaghi
lahu bi-an yas'al min ummihi] about his origins [or 'state',
i.e.'hal', meaning he should inquire his mother about his legitimate
conception – trans.], for he shall return to the nethermost hell
[asfal al-jahim]"…

In Promulgation of Universal Peace p. 322 the following is quoted by
'Abbas Effendi from a prayer by his father, cf. THE BAHA'I FAITH AND
ISLAM (ed.) Heshmat Moayyad (The Association for Baha'i Studies:
Ottawa, 1990), p.23


O God! Whomsoever violates My Covenant, O God, humiliate him. Verily
whosoever violates My Covenant, erase and efface him.


19: Note Dr Sa'eed Khan on the Baha'is he knew

From Mission Problems in New Persia, 1926, p. 83, 87 and 89 quoted by
William McElwee Miller in The Baha'i Faith: It's History and
Teachings, 1973, p. 289.


"...There is no conscience with them [ i.e. the Baha'is], they keep to
no principle, they tell you what is untrue, ignoring or denying
undoubted historical facts, and this is the character of both the
leader and the led...As to morality and honesty, the whole system has
proved disappointing...I have been in contact with many Baha'is, and
have had dealings with many and have tested many, and unfortunately I
have met not a single one who could be called honest or faithful in
the full sense of these words..."

Dr Sa'eed Khan [was] a highly-respected physician...who had as a
doctor treated the second widow of the Bab, and had for a lifetime
known intimately both Babis [i.e. Bayanis] and Baha'is in Tehran and

20: BAHAISM AND THE BRITISH Government (Who's computer is this?)

1. (Top Secret) British Government Foreign Countries Report (no.56)
16th November 1921


Then see,

HOSTAGE TO KHOMEINI by Robert Dreyfuss (New Benjamin Franklin House:
New York, 1980) pp.117-118 (Pdf pages 73-74) (Who's computer is this?)

and (Who's computer is this?)

...Today the Bahai cult is hated in Iran, and is considered correctly
to be an arm of the British Crown. During the destabilization of the
Shah in 1978, it was widely reported that in several instances the
Bahai cult secretly funded the Khomeini Shi’ite movement. In part, the
money would have flowed through the cult’s links to the same
international ‘human rights’ organizations, such as Amnesty
International, that originally sponsored the anti-Shah movement in
Iran. These movements also derive from the “one world” currents
associated with the Bahais since the early 1900s. (If any Iranians
have been misled on the question of the Bahais by the supposed
antipathy of Khomeini’s clique to the Bahais, it should be noted that
the Bahai cultists often deliberately encouraged anti-Bahai activities
as camouflage)...

Also see pp. 115-116 (Pdf page 72) (Who's computer is this?)

“First, within Iran itself, an overlapping network of field agents and
organizations led the destabilization of the Shah in its early phases,
beginning in January 1978. The center of this network is the Bahai
Cult, a secret quasi-Islamic sect whose creation was sponsored
directly by British intelligence through the Scottish Rite of
Freemasonry in the 19th century. There are at least 300,000 Bahais in
Iran, although the headquarters of the movement is in Evanston,
Illinois, and its chief temple of worship is located in Haifa, Israel.
Even today, the British government is the chief financial backer of
the Bahai, who are considered to be "an arm of the British government”
by leading Iranians.

The Bahai cult, which included among its members most of the old
landed Iranian oligarchy, exercised tremendous power in Iran as a
secret society that penetrated all aspects of Iranian life including
the royal court. The Bahai were also the chief liaison between leading
Iranian circles and Israeli Intelligence, via Scotland Yard. During
the first phase of the Shah's moves to halt the operation, he arrested
large numbers of Bahai cultists, including several top generals, his
own personal physician, the chairman of the Bank Saderat, and Prime
Minister Hoveyda.

Interestingly, the Bank Saderat chairman was also found to have been
one of the prime financial backers of the burgeoning Shi'ite
opposition to the Shah through his contacts with the Ayatollah Nouri,
who was caught receiving large payments from the bank to mobilize his
religious followers against the Shah.

The Bahai-oligarchy circles, according to reliable Iranian reports,
were largely comprised of men who had been on the pay-roll of British
Petroleum (formerly known as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company) for as
many as 40 years.”

P.30 (p.32 in PDF) (Who's computer is this?)

"To understand fully the reason for the decision to launch the attack
on the Shah, some history is required.

The goal of the final phase of the City of London's Operation Pahlavi
was - and is - the destruction of the European Monetary System. The
primary motivation on the part of the British was to unleash chaos and
confusion in Iran and the Persian Gulf generally in order to disrupt
the partnership that had begun to emerge since 1975 among France and
West Germany, the socialist countries, and the leading nations of the
Islamic world: including the Arabs, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey. With
the accelerating motion in that direction at the start of 1978,
including the July 1978 Bremen accords of the EEC, the attack on Iran
also accelerated.

By December 1978, this British policy - as enunciated by the London
Economist in its famous article, "The Crumbling Triangle" - became
known as the "arc of crisis" policy, its primary U.S. advocates were
the London agents Henry A. Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski. The goal
of the policy was twofold: the rapid reversal of the potential for
regional economic development in high-technology, capital-intensive
projects such as the ambitious nuclear energy plans of both the Shah
and Pakistan's Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto; and the
precipitation of a U.S.-Soviet confrontation over the Middle East. A
rapid survey of recent Iranian history will clarify the process from
the Iranian side..." (See below for the City of London Corporation)

Note as well (Who's computer is this?)





Issued under the Authority of the Government of Palestine



"...Sir 'Abbas Effendi 'Abdu'l Baha had travelled extensively in
Europe and America to expound his doctrines, and on the 4th December,
1919, was created by King George V. a K.B.E. for valuable services
rendered to the British Government in the early days of the

Wellesley Tudor Pole (Who's computer is this?)

and (Who's computer is this?)

*2011: The Honourable "Sir" John Barnabas Leith (OBE, Order of the
British Empire) (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?)
Scroll down alphabetically: (Who's computer is this?)

The Honourable "Sir" Peter Hulme (OBE, Order of the British Empire) (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?)
The City of London Corporation
Part1: (Who's computer is this?)
Part2: (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?)

On the Connections Between The Baha’i Organization and the City of
London Corporation (Who's computer is this?)

London is, so far, the web centre of international finance...In London
are assembled the actual chiefs or the representatives of the great
financial houses of the world. The Money Power is something more than
Capitalism. These men constitute the Financial Oligarchy. No nation
can be really free where this financial oligarchy is permitted to hold
dominion, and no 'democracy' can be aught but a name that does not
shake it from its throne...Black Masonic Plutocracy...These men
constitute the Financial Oligarchy, this group of speculators properly
designated and distinguished as the Money Power, controls the whole
mechanism of exchange, and all undertakings in the field of industry
are subject to its will and machinations. It wields an unseen sceptre
over thrones and populations, and bloody slaughter is as profitable to
its pockets as the most peaceful peculation - Frank Antsey,
Australian Labor Politician (1920s)
See, The Kingdom of Shylock (Who's computer is this?)

Julius Evola, Disraeli the Jew and the Empire of the Shopkeepers (Who's computer is this?)

Carroll Quigley THE ANGLO-AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT (Who's computer is this?)
Queen Elizabeth Greeted by British Baha'is at Diamond Jubilee's multi-
faith reception (Who's computer is this?)
21: Online Books to look at:

William McElwee Miller THE BAHA'I FAITH: It's History and Teachings'i%20faith%20and%20Its%20Teachings%20by%20William%20McElwee%20Miller.htm (Who's computer is this?)

Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, BROKEN SILENCE (Who's computer is this?)

CENTURY BAHA'I LITERATURE (Who's computer is this?)


22: Washington based US Baha'i Lobbyists

From Government's end: why Washington stopped working by Jonathan
Rauch, 1999, pg 41-42.


Washington Talk: Religion; Bahais Open a Lobbying Operation
By LENA WILLIAMS, Special to The New York Times
Published: October 22, 1987 (Who's computer is this?)


"A sign of the times was the opening of the Baha'i religion's
Washington lobbying office in July 1987, complete with a staff of four
and a budget of $400,000 - a telling moment, because the Baha'i faith
requires its members to abstain from politics. When I peaked through
the Baha'is window one day, the only remarkable feature of their
Washington office was that it looked exactly like every other
Washington office." (Who's computer is this?)


23: THE TAHERI FILES (Who's computer is this?)


24: Naser Emtesali's SCRIBD controversial Baha'i documents page (Who's computer is this?)

and (Who's computer is this?)

25: Interesting conversation with a Muslim convert regarding Bahaism
(early 2010) (Who's computer is this?)

26: The Haifan Baha'i Agenda for Iran spelled out (Who's computer is this?)

Read the following op-ed by Hamid Dabashi as the decisive counter-
point to the Haifan Bahai anti-Iranian war-mongering postures,

"Fifth column of the Postmodern Kind" - Hamid Dabashi: (Who's computer is this?)

27: Draconian Ugandan Law supported by Fundamentalist Christians,
Fundamentalist Muslims and BAHA'IS (2009) (Who's computer is this?)
and (Who's computer is this?)
28: The Tahirih (in)Justice Center

"Female Circumcision and the Tahirih Justice Center" - by Mike Barker (Who's computer is this?)

TAHIRIH JUSTICE EXPOSED (TJC): Shocking new details of the IRS
complaint (Who's computer is this?)

See especially, IMBRA and Tahirih Justice


29: ALLBELIEFS site controlled by the BAHAI INTERNET AGENCY: BEWARE! (Who's computer is this?)

30: Official 2011 Wikipedia conference in Haifa, Israel and the Haifan
Baha'i control of Wikipedia: (Who's computer is this?)

31: The Baha'i/Goldman Sachs connection (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?)

32: Rockefeller Foundation and Baha'i Faith (Who's computer is this?)

33: Other Baha'i related Sourcewatch articles


(Jyotti Munsiff) (Who's computer is this?)

(Zia Mody) (Who's computer is this?)

(Omid Townsend) (Who's computer is this?)

(Marcos Alan Ferreira) (Who's computer is this?)

(Soli Shahvar) (Who's computer is this?)

(Roy Steiner) (Who's computer is this?)

(Gary Hogenson) (Who's computer is this?)

(Vafa Vahid) (Who's computer is this?)

Henck) (Who's computer is this?)

(Ahang Rabbani) (Who's computer is this?)

(Aria Mansuri) (Who's computer is this?)

(Zain Latif) (Who's computer is this?)

(Peter Hulme) (Who's computer is this?)

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(Gregory C. Dahl) (Who's computer is this?)

* (Don Tennant) (Who's computer is this?)

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Should the Bahá'ís replace UHJ By UHA (Who's computer is this?)


(Baha’i International Community United Nations Office) (Who's computer is this?)

(Baha’i Rights Law Institute) (Who's computer is this?)

(Iran Press Watch) (Who's computer is this?)

(Universal House of Justice) (Who's computer is this?)

( (Who's computer is this?)

(Baha’i of the United States) (Who's computer is this?)

(All-Party Friends of the Baha’i Faith) (Who's computer is this?)

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(One World Trust) (Who's computer is this?)

(Muslim Network for Baha’i Rights) (Who's computer is this?)

(Baha’i World Centre) (Who's computer is this?)

(Baha’i Chair for World Peace) (Who's computer is this?)

(European Baha’i Business Forum) (Who's computer is this?)

(Baha’i Business Forum for the Americas) (Who's computer is this?)

(Association for Baha’i Studies) (Who's computer is this?)

(Baha’i Computer and Communication Association) (Who's computer is this?)

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(Ruhi Institute) (Who's computer is this?)


Baha'i publicly admits to CIA connection (Who's computer is this?)

Talk.Religion.Bahai arrested and indicted in the UK for statutory
criminal relationship with an underage minor (Who's computer is this?)

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Jalal S. Azal (Who's computer is this?)


Invoking the Seven Worlds: An acrostic prayer by Mīrzā Yaḥyā Nūrī Ṣubḥ-
i-Azal by N. Wahid Azal (Who's computer is this?) (pdf) (Who's computer is this?) (html)


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