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Subject:  Bioinformatic Tools -- BioPerl FAQ
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Bioinformatic Tools -- BioPerl FAQ (Who's computer is this?)

What is BioPerl?
BioPerl is a toolkit of perl modules useful in building bioinformatics solutions in Perl. It is built in an object-oriented manner so that many modules depend on each other to achieve a task. The collection of modules in the bioperl-live repository consist of the core of the functionality of bioperl. Additionally auxiliary modules for creating graphical interfaces (bioperl-gui), persistent storage in RDMBS (bioperl-db), running and parsing the results from hundreds of bioinformatics applications (Run package), software to automate bioinformatic analyses (bioperl-pipeline) are all available as CVS modules in our repository.

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BioTech FYI Center (Who's computer is this?)

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