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Summary:  Recruitment announcement for radio monitoring-related FAQ articles
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Changes followed by "|".

The newsgroup, first established in 1993, has been
recently revived by an active moderation team. We are currently seeking
suitable information, FAQ, and bulletin articles from the entire* newsgroup hierarchy for simultanous cross-posting to our

We are seeking replacement maintainers for the following information
bulletins formerly posted to (and currently archived
at (Who's computer is this?) ):

Subject: Welcome to (AM/FM DXing)
Maintainer: (Scott Fybush)
Last Posted: 28 Jun 1996 00:09:51 GMT

Subject: Welcome to
Maintainer: (Ralph Brandi)
Last Posted: 28 Jun 1996 00:09:38 GMT

Subject: Welcome to (Shortwave)
Maintainer: (Ralph Brandi)
Last Posted: 28 Jun 1996 00:09:45 GMT

We have been informed by the readers of that a |
recent (2008) attempt to update these documents and post them (or links |
to them) at regular intervals, has since been abandoned, so the project |
is once again open to a sincere and motivated volunteer. |

We are interested in offering any technical support necessary to get
these articles updated and automatically posted again at regular
intervals. This would include establishing contact with the original
maintainers for any necessary permissions. We would prefer to seek new,
dedicated maintainers at this time, rather than start auto-posting the
original articles ourselves.

For more information about our newsgroup, see: (Who's computer is this?)

Please direct any comments, questions, or criticisms to

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