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Subject:  [Admin] Posting problems mini-FAQ
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Date:  24 Mar 2015 00:15:01 GMT
Organization:  Rec.Audio.High-End Moderating Team
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Xref: is a moderated group.

As stated in our guidelines, submitted messages that are not
acceptable for posting to the group will receive a rejection notice
unless it is one of the following:

1. Spam
2. A "for sale" or "wanted to buy" post.
3. Crossposted
4. Uses a spam-proofed or some other type of non-replyable address.
5. Posts via (they post unapproved messages to their
website, please use Google Groups or some other news server).

If you post something that doesn't fit the above 5 categories and you
haven't seen it posted or received a rejection notice after at least
48 hrs on weekdays or 72 hrs on weekends and holidays, then contact
the moderators at:

We will always work with you to determine the cause of the problem.
Please do not assume a lack of acknowledgment as a rejection of your
post. That is not the way we operate.

Note that we will not click any links to have ourselves added to your
"allowed senders" list. We will consider such addresses as invalid.

Please refer to our guidelines that are posted weekly for more info.

RAHE Moderators


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