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Subject:  Intro F: Contents of AUE FAQ and FAQ Supplement
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Last Revised: 2006-02-06 (6 Feb 2006).
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Contents of Intro F:

(a) the Table of Contents of the AUE FAQ
(b) the Table of Contents of the FAQ Supplement.

Both can be found by way of links at the AUE Website
< (Who's computer is this?) >.

We post these Tables of Contents so that you can get an idea of the
broad range of material covered at our website, as well as names of
specific topics. Please check here or at the site to see if the topic
you want to ask about is listed, and if so, PLEASE read the FAQ entry
before posting.

If, once you have read the appropriate topic in the FAQ, you feel that
there is an aspect of your topic that justifies further discussion, dive
on in, but if you mention in your posting that you *have* read the FAQ
entry, this will save you and many regular readers much distress.

*The Search box at the AUE Website is a quick way to reach your desired


A "live" linked version of the following is at AUE's fast-access FAQ, (Who's computer is this?)

Table of Contents of
by Mark Israel

Last updated: 29 September 1997

Welcome to alt.usage.english!
guidelines for posting
related newsgroups

recommended books
online dictionaries
general reference
books on linguistics
books on usage
online usage guides
online language columns
books that discriminate synonyms
style manuals
books on mathematical exposition
books on phrasal verbs
books on phrase origins
books on Britishisms, Canadianisms, etc.
books on "bias-free"/"politically correct" language
books on group names
books on rhyming slang

artificial dialects
Basic English

how to represent pronunciation in ASCII
rhotic vs non-rhotic, intrusive "r"
How do Americans pronounce "dog"?
words pronounced differently according to context
words whose spelling has influenced their pronunciation

usage disputes
"all ... not"
"between you and I"
"company is" vs "company are"
"could care less"
"could of"
"different to", "different than"
double "is"
"due to"
gender-neutral pronouns
"God rest you merry, gentlemen"
"hopefully", "thankfully"
"if I was" vs "if I were"
"impact"="to affect"
"It needs cleaned"
"It's me" vs "it is I"
"less" vs "fewer"
"like" vs "as"
"like" vs "such as"
"more/most/very unique"
"mouses" vs "mice"
"near miss"
"none is" vs "none are"
plurals of Latin and Greek words
plurals => English singulars
preposition at end
repeated words after abbreviations
"shall" vs "will", "would" vs "should"
split infinitive
"that" vs "which"
"that kind of a thing"
the the hoi polloi debate
"true fact"
"try and", "be sure and", "go" + verb
"you saying" vs "your saying"

"." after abbreviations
spaces between sentences
," vs ",
"A, B and C" vs "A, B, and C"

foreigners' FAQs
"a"/"an" before abbreviations
"A number of..."
when to use "the"

word origins
"Caesarean section"
"portmanteau word"
"Santa Ana"
"sirloin"/"baron of beef"
"suck"="be very unsatisfying"

phrase origins
"the bee's knees"
"beg the question"
"billions and billions"
"blue moon"
"Bob's your uncle"
"break a leg"
"to call a spade a spade"
"cut the mustard"
"cut to the chase"
"The die is cast"
"dressed to the nines"
"Elementary, my dear Watson!"
"Enquiring minds want to know"
"The exception proves the rule"
"face the music"
"fall off a turnip truck"
"full monty"
"Get the lead out"
"Go figure"
"Go placidly amid the noise and the haste" (Desiderata)
"go to hell in a handbasket"
"hell for leather"
"hoist with his own petard"
"by hook or by crook"
"Illegitimis non carborundum"
"in like Flynn"
"Jingle Bells"
"Let them eat cake"
"mind your p's and q's"
"more honoured in the breach than the observance"
"more than you can shake a stick at"
"ollie ollie oxen free"
"peter out"
"politically correct"
"push the envelope"
"put in one's two cents' worth"
"rule of thumb"
"shouting fire in a crowded theater"
"son of a gun"
"spitting image"/"spit and image"
"There's a sucker born every minute"
"to all intents and purposes"
"wait for the other shoe to drop"
"Wherefore art thou Romeo?"
"whole cloth"
"the whole nine yards"
"You have another think coming"

words frequently sought
words ending in "-gry"
words without vowels
list of language terms
"I won't mention..."
names of "&", "@", and "#"
"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
"Take the prisoner downstairs", said Tom condescendingly.
What is the opposite of "to exceed"?
What is the opposite of "distaff side"?
grass strip between road and sidewalk

What is a suggested format for citing online sources?
Does the next millennium begin in 2000 or 2001?
What will we call the next decade?
Fumblerules ("Don't use no double negatives", etc.)
English is Tough Stuff
What is the phone number of the Grammar Hotline?
deliberate mistakes in dictionaries
How reliable are dictionaries?
etymologies of personal names
How did "Truly" become a personal name?
commonest words
Why do we say "30 years old" but "a 30-year-old man"?
What words are their own antonym?
sentences grammatical in both Old English and Modern English
radio alphabets
distribution of English-speakers
provenance of English vocabulary
"billion": a U.K. view
Biblical sense of "to know"
postfix "not"
origin of the dollar sign

spelling reform
joke about step-by-step spelling reform
What is "ghoti"?
I before E except after C
How do you spell "e-mail"?
Why is "I" capitalized?
"-er" vs "-re"
"-ize" vs "-ise"
doubling of final consonants before suffixes
possessive apostrophes

======== End AUE FAQ section ==========================


Following is the table of contents of the AUE FAQ Supplement:


Books about words


Speech examples
Formant analysis

disputed usages

"any more" and "anymore"
"company is" and "company are"
Is 'people' the plural of 'person'?
"miss not having"
What is prescriptivism?


Does English have a subjunctive mood?
Genitive is not always possessive
Plural formation
Thou, thee & archaic grammar


Quotes for emphasis

word origins



Comments on a proposal for reformed English spelling
Exceptions to 'i_before_e' rule
Preferences, "e-mail" vs "email"


Britain/Great Britain/United Kingdom &C: Some common confusions
What is the UK? Is it the same as Britain, Great Britain or
Worldwide distribution of English-speakers

====== End FAQ SUPPLEMENT section ======

This series of seven "Intro Documents" is intended to aid newcomers to
the newsgroup. The articles are posted frequently here, and are also on
the Web for your convenience, at the AUE Website: (Who's computer is this?)

Where you can get the newsgroup alt.usage.english