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Date:  Thu, 7 Nov 2002 23:50:12 +0000
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N I C K E L O D E O N - I N C

(formally UNIL)

LATEST UPDATE: 24th September 2002


This is the Nickelodeon-inc Unofficial Nick FAQ
for alt.tv.nickelodeon - a text-based cut down
version of the Unofficial Nick FAQ which can
be found on Nickelodeon-inc.

If you have another question, then chances
are it can be found on our web-site. There is
a wider selection of questions there. Just visit
http://www.nickelodeon-inc.com (Who's computer is this?) and click on the
link for "Unofficial Nick FAQ" near the top.


Q. Why isn't [show x] shown anymore?
A. It's extremly rare for Nicktoons to go on for
more than 65 episodes, and eventually shows get
cancelled due to dropping ratings, or the actors
getting too old to do the job and going on to
other things. They stop getting repeated because
usually after a few years Nickeloden will grow
bored of repeats after repeats and will,
unfortunetly, stop showing them. (And some times
programs just get out of date to be shown)

Q. What's the font called which is in the
Nickelodeon logo?
A. Balloon Extra Bold. You can get it at
the Nickelodeon-inc downloads page.

Q. Is there anyone who works for Nickelodeon who
lurk around fan areas?
A. In short, yes. One person who works for Nick
UK has made himself known in the Nickdisk forums.
There are other lurkers at alt.tv.nickelodeon and
Nickdisk (and possibily our very own forums!) but
I am not allowed to say who. There could also be
lurkers around other places too. Nickelodeon love
viewers input and thats the best way to get it!

Q. I'm always writing to Nick but they never reply!!
A. Don't worry. We know for definate that Nick UK
do actually read, and listen, to every opinion
sent to them, including through the mail form on
their website. (They even have their own department
to deal with them). I'm sure all other
Nickelodeons do this also.

Q. Where's Nicktext?
A. Broken. Back soon, hopefully!

Q. What's the deal with the Alex Mack ending?
Is it a cliffhanger or what?
A. It's not a cliffhanger as such. The show was meant
to end like that. The writers did know that Alex
Mack was ending (2 weeks beforehand in fact). They
just wanted to keep the ending as "Did she didn't
she" in the case of the anti-dote

Q. Is Kel (out of Kenen & Kel and All That) dead?
A. Of course not! That is a rumour going around.
Kel is alive and still drinking lots of Orange
Soda(!) (Yes, there is someone to blame for that
poor joke. And it's not us)

Q. Why did the All That cast change?
A. Most likely because of them all getting older!

Q. Can we have more information on The Amanda Show
spin-off, please!
A. Ok, it's called Drake and Josh. Drake get's a new
step-brother which turns out to be someone he
doesn't like - Josh. When Drake finds out that
Josh is the person who gives love advice in a school
newspaper (Miss Nancy), he uses what questions Josh
get's to put against his classmates.

Q. Is Hey Arnold! coming back for another series?
A. No, the makers of Hey Arnold! and Nickelodeon
had an argument and now the show is cancelled.
Though, a movie is coming out!

Q. What's the movie going to be about?
A. About Arnold saving his neighbourhood!

A. Is Steve from Blues Clues dead?
A. No! It's an old rumour. Steve has just quit the
show. He is still alive and well

Q. Is the actor of Carlos in Brothers Garcia single?
A. We'll get back to you on that one... :-)

Q. I've seen a show called LOL advertised on
nick.co.uk - what is it?
A. It's a sketch show (we think for older kids) made
by SMG (the scottish people of ITV) - and it's
coming very soon to Nick L8R!

Q. Any chance of Nick showing Roundhouse again?
A. Doubtful. I don't remember much of it myself,
but the tapes have been watched by Nickelodeon
quite recently (possibly hoping to show it again?)
But unfortunetly they said that it's just too much
out of date. If you read the interview with a
member of staff of Nickelodeon UK - you'll see
they would bring it back if they could. Anyway,
there's always All That, which is more up to
date and basically the same thing.

Q. What's with the Rugrats spin-off's?
A. You get the first Rugrats Spin-Off (Angelica and
Susie's Pre-School Daze) this September 2002 and
The Rugrats : All Growned Up as far as planned for 2004!

Q. What's is the future movie going to be about?
A. Rugrats meet Wild Thornberry's, but, apparently
the Rugrats might be all growned up and in their
tween stages! Or apparently that's what Klasky
Csupo is planning to do, will keep you posted!

Q. Will Taina be back for a Season 3?
A. Sadly, no the series has been cancelled after
two sucessful seasons. Nickelodeon cancelled the
series becuase they thought it appealed more to
girls then boys (which I can see in the first season),
but ironically enough, here at Nickelodeon-INC we have
3 male and 1 female webmaster, and the only one who
doesn't like the show is - yep - you've guessed it,
the female webmaster!

Q. Did the actor of Santitio change?
A. There does seem to be a massive change in Santitio's
appearance, yet no-one can find the name of the
second actor (if there is one) - so until we get
a definate answer - we have to say "We think so,
but we've got no proof"

Q. What's this I hear about a missing episode of Tucker?
A. There is an episode of Tucker which Nick UK
will not currently show; it is called "Boob in
the Night" and involves Tucker and McKenna
hijacking a car, and Tucker "accidentally" touching
McKenna's breast. It is very doubtful it will ever be
shown, but it may happen one day. It isn't that
Nickelodeon are trying to be mean, it's just they feel
at the moment it is unsuitable and they are working on
a way of making it suitable (remember, kids channels
don't have watersheds)

Q. Any chance of Nick showing You Can't Do That
On Television again?
A. Doubtful. Just like Roundhouse, it's probably too
old and too out of date to show it again, and anyway
I've heard that Nickelodeon no longer hold the rights
to YCDTOTV! and so it will be too much bother to show it.


Nickelodeon-INC is not Nickelodeon, we do not have
any connections with Nickelodeon and cannot pass
ideas towards them.

Written and Maintained by Clair D. Shaw
(c)1998-2002 PfU Publishings (as UNIL)
(c)2002 Nickelodeon-inc
Nickelodeon-inc - http://www.nickelodeon-inc.com (Who's computer is this?)

This document, or any portion of this document, may be emailed
to other Internet users, or posted to Internet Usenet groups,
as long as it is unmodified. If you want to publish it as any
other media, for example on the web, on an FTP site, or as a
hardcopy, then please email the maintainer for permission,
although it will be unlikely you'll be refused permission!

Nickelodeon(R) is a registered trademark of Viacom co. All
Show names Characters, etc. still remain trademarks of Viacom.

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