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FAQ about Islam

When passions run highthose fed or afflicted with RSS/VHP ideology,
asks these questions
Before I start to list out some of the common questions raised by
ignorant people living amidst us and following a certain twisted
ideology, most often, the people who have decency of attitude, self
esteem and respect in this society, ask this question, What does one
do when confronted with a provocateur, who believes in corroborating
lies against you and uses foul language?

Lets ask our CREATOR Who had provided us clear guidance in HIS Book
revealed 14 hundred years ago, originally in Arabic, Ill mention its
English translation here. Since good and evil, positive and negative
cannot be equal, so repel the evil with something that is better and
notice how someone who is having enmity will become close friend! (Holy
Quran: Chapter: 41 Verse: 34). And I know, maintaining composure under
such circumstances is not at all an easy job. See what our LORD says
further in the very next Verse! Yet none is granted this quality except
those who use to be patient in adversity and none is granted this except
the big courageous people.

So lets be patient when someone makes us angry and lets not react in
the same manner. Forgive those who treated you badly in anticipation of
Forgiveness of your LORD to your sins and excesses on The Day of
Judgment. The Prophet (SAW) said: A believer is not a shameless person,
nor one who curses, nor an obscene person nor is he indecent. I
guarantee a house in the surroundings of Paradise for a man who avoids
quarrelling even if he were in the right, a house in the middle of
Paradise for a man who avoids lying even if he were joking, and a house
in the upper part of Paradise for a man who made his character good."
[At-Tirmidhi and Al-Baihaqie].

If we consult the Hadiths, we will see that in general the Muslims are
warned about entering pointless debates. It is a pity to see some Muslim
brothers/sisters engaging in long and often fruitless debates over
Internet chat rooms and Discussion Boards, wasting their valuable time.
Long debates like these result in making the heart and soul dry and very
materialistic. I think the time of a responsible Muslim should be
devoted to his/her efforts to more effective things like education,
prayer and reading Quran, improving his/her purity for the God,
increasing practically useful Islamic knowledge, making him/herself a
good example of a Muslim, helping others and of course enjoying life and
family and friends without committing any sins.

Question 1: When Muslims in India insist on having a separate Muslim
Personal Law for them, why dont they also insist to implement the
Islamic Criminal Law for the Muslims i.e. the hands should be chopped
off when they rob or killed point blank when they murder?

A.1. Muslim Personal Law is a law concerning an individual person and
the persons closely related to him, e.g. laws relating to marriage,
divorce, inheritance, etc. It includes laws which are mutually agreed
upon by a group of people. This law does not include any crime or an act
that will harm the society directly. In any country, the Personal Law
may differ for different groups of people and for different communities.
Since India is a secular and democratic country it allows different
groups of people to follow their own personal law if they wish. Muslims
believe that compared to all the different types of personal laws
available in the world, the best and the most result oriented is the
Islamic Personal Law. Muslims of India prefer following the Muslim
personal law also because of their own belief in Islam.

Criminal law is that law which is associated with a crime or an act
which directly affects the society e.g. robbing, raping, murdering, etc.
In any country, the criminal law unlike the Personal Law cannot be
different for different groups of people. It has to be same for all
people of different groups and different religions e.g. In Islam if a
person robs, his hands are chopped off. This punishment is not
prescribed in Hinduism. If a Hindu robs a Muslim, what would be the
robbers punishment? The Muslim would want the hands of the robber to be
chopped, while the Hindu Law would not agree. The Muslims in India alone
cannot separately follow the Islamic Criminal Law without involving the

Even if a Muslim agrees, that as far as he commits a crime he should be
given the punishment according to Islamic Criminal Law, it would not be
practical. In case an allegation is made against a Muslim for robbery
and if the witnesses are Non-Muslims, and if each one follows his own
Criminal Law, the punishment in Islam for bearing false witness is 80
lashes, whereas in the Indian Criminal Law, a person giving false
witness can very easily escape. Thus, for a non-Muslim to falsely accuse
a Muslim of any crime is very easy, if both follow their own criminal
law. However, if both follow the Indian Law where the punishment is
lenient for false witnesses and robbers, it will encourage both the
robber to rob as well as encourage the witnesses to give false witness
for their own benefit.

We Muslims would prefer that in India the Islamic Criminal Law be
implemented on all the Indians, since, chopping the hands of a thief
will surely reduce the rate of robbery in India. Similarly, 80 lashes
for giving false testimony will prevent a person from giving false
witness. Islamic Criminal Law is Most Practical. Its main benefit over
all others is that besides pointing out a crime, it also gives you a
solution showing how to prevent the crime in the future e.g. chopping
the hands of a robber, death penalty for the rapist. The punishment is
so severe that it is a deterrent for the criminal to commit the crime. A
person will be forced to think a hundred times before committing a
crime. Thus if crime has to be reduced or stopped in India the best
solution is to implement The Common Islamic Criminal Law. Yes! If all
the parties involved in the Crime are Muslims, then even that case can
be treated according to Shariah and if any Muslims have any problems
with that, they will be pure hypocrites.

Question 2: Even hundreds of years after the major jihads that took
the lives of many Muslim martyrs, we still find Muslims believing in the
practice of polygamy. Have such peoples fellow Muslim brothers
neglected to remind them that there is no longer a shortage of males
in this world, that in fact the female world population is higher than
that of males, and that such laws were not brought about to promote
promiscuity and perverted behavior? If you are a Muslim woman who just
found out shes getting a souten (second wife) for Christmas (bad
example, I know) then I think its a pretty PRESSING issue for you
Muslim girls, not to mention the demographic changes being brought about
by such practise which has seen diminishing population amongst Hindus
and an exponential increase in the population of Muslims by one Muslim
man marrying four women.

A2: SOME of the Western writers, either out of ignorance of teachings of
the Quran and the Hadith or out of malice, have criticized Islam for not
giving enough protection to the rights of women. I have discussed
concept of Polygamy in Islam at length in another article. It should be
an eye opener.

Also, it is a fact that the Holy Quran permits polygamy only in special
circumstances for the upkeep of a healthy society. Marriage in Islam is
a form of mutual contract based upon the principle of faith, love and
honor for each other. Nikahnama or marriage contract empowers a Muslim
girl to add a clause during the time of the marriage ceremony, reserving
her right of unilateral divorce or to be the ONLY wife of her
husband until her death. But I am also aware of the people who break
these laws and in turn incur the wrath from God and sin on themselves.
There is never an excuse for law breakers for either they will get
punished here or the hereafter. I know of this polygamy being exploited
by people of various other faiths. Notably the cine stars like
Dharmendra, Shekhar Kapoor and Mahesh Bhatt from Indian subcontinent are
just the few to name. But these, does not warrant a change in the
Divine laws. Almost all prophets of Christianity, Judaism and Islam,
e.g. Abraham, Moses, David and Solomon (pbut) were polygamous. Only
exception was Jesus(pbuh). As Jesus was single and his mother Mary was
virgin; Christianity deprecates the institution of marriage and promotes

Also, you are not correct when you talk about the abundance of men over
women. There is only a shortage of women in countries like India (due to
large scale female infanticide and extreme poverty) and China. America
and Europe have excess of females over male. The latest Census of 2001
has revealed that the sex ratio of the girl child population which was
945 in 1991, decreased to 927, a decrease of 18 points and further down
to 917 per 1000 males in 2001 in the state of Maharashtra alone. The
ratio has thus gone over 6:1. Demographically the 0-6 sex ratio does not
augur well for the future of any country. Because of the genocide
committed against Muslims in Kashmir, Bosnia and Chechnya there are more
Muslim women then men- the fact that there are more men than women in
countries like India and China is irrelevant since Muslims do not
generally marry Hindus or Buddhists or vice-versa. The Quranic verse
permitting polygamy was revealed in the Holy Quran out of necessity and
due to the demands of the circumstances. After the battle of Uhud in 3rd
Hijrah, large number of Muslim men were killed leaving many widows and
orphans. The verse came as follows: If you fear that you wont be able
to deal justly with the orphans, marry the woman of your choice, two,
three or four; but if you fear that you will not be able to deal justly
(with wives), then (marry) only one (Quran 4:3).

In the article that I had mentioned above, I have shown that polygamy
amongst Muslims is very rare and practiced far less than most of the
other communities of the world. Your argument about demographic
imbalance in the form of decrease in the percentage of Hindus holds
relevance when seen in the light of mass female infanticide as shown in
this report. In your argument, you forgot to mention that the women are
the child bearing half of the human race, and of every cultural group,
whether it be Hindu, Muslim or Sikh. And this biological reality is
ignored by those Hindus amongst us, who wish to save dowry by foeticide
or infanticide but it, however, remains and the reality is that only
women reproduce. According to the report, neither as many Muslims nor
Christians kill female embryos and their growth holds steady as a result.

A simple case of mathematics renders your other argument illogical. The
point of Muslims exponential increase in population when compared to
Hindus, will fail to find any credence when someone will ask an
explanation, as to How does one man marrying one woman and having 2-3
kids from her, increases a communitys population as a whole when
compared to four different men marrying four different women and each
women giving birth to 2-3 kids?. The net average of community remains
same and we are dealing with a case of polygamy in Islam here, not
polyandry, which is prohibited amongst Muslims.

Also, why is the example of finding a souten at your doorstep worse
than finding out that your husband has been having an affair or has been
regularly visiting someone else?

How about, if youre a girl and you just discovered that youre going to
have a baby from a guy who claimed to have been unmarried and promising
to marry you all along and NOW after this news of becoming a father, he
says that he had lied to you about his marital status so the child
must be aborted as the law prohibits him from marrying again thus he
shrugs off his misdeeds and responsibilities? or you are a young women
with both material and emotional needs and your husband dies when youre
23 or 24, thus you cannot marry for the rest of your life because
bachelor boys( no matter, which religion they belong to) usually prefer
never married females and so do most of the widowers?

These are the urgent issues- which must be discussed not fault finding
amongst the virtues of Islamic principles. Remember, Polygamy in Islam
is an option, not an obligation upon Muslims.

Question 3: Islam not only encourages but advises its followers to a
deviant practice of marrying amongst ones own family members, namely
first cousins etc. thus over looking not only the moral and ethical
consequences of such a union, but also the medical and especially
genetic disorders which would come after procreation. Why is Islam
different? What is the reason behind such a rule? I view all my male
cousins as my brothers or sisters. I wonder, if I was a Muslim, how
would it feel to look at my cousins as prospective lovers or husbands?

A 3: As you already know, Islam doesnt allow to get married with blood
relations such as your own brothers, sisters etc., lest it might be
accused of incest, which is all so prevalent these days in the deviant
western society. You call this allowed practice of marriage amongst the
first cousins in Islam as deviant but probably you dont know that, to
some extent, the definition of deviant also varies from culture to
culture and religion to religion. For example, in Islam, the person who
worships anyones image or an idol is the greatest deviant, amongst
Hindus, he is most Holy. In Islam someone who doesnt believe that all
humans are born equal and only attain a higher degree of spirituality
through piety and good action, is a deviant. Amongst the Hindus, a
person born of a Brahmin, attains that degree by birth. One of the
reasons Gandhi was killed, was that he supported the idea of equality of
the downtrodden amongst the Hindus and was thus considered a deviant.

Coming to the point of genetic disorders. Its known that over 700
million people across the world practice consanguinity marriages
between close relatives such as uncles and nieces or between cousins.
Prof N Appaji Rao, head of the department of biochemistry at the Indian
Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, reported in a seminar on this
subject that, India where consanguinity is prevalent in 33 per cent of
Hindu families, 28 per cent in Muslim families and 18.6 per cent in
Christian families, more than 30 per cent of the 1,20,000 children
studied were born to consanguineous couples, while 62.3 per cent were
born to non-consanguineous couples, disproving that the incidence of
genetic disorders is higher in consanguineous communities. IISc studies
have also shown that the third theory that changing family structure,
urbanization and industrialization has resulted in a large decrease and
elimination of close kinship marriages, is also incorrect. Finally, on
the issue of looking at your cousins as prospective lovers or husbands,
then I would like to point out that according to Islam, each and every
woman and man, whether married or unmarried, Muslim or Non-Muslim,
should neither be teased nor glanced upon with lust. Allah (swt) has
commanded the Muslim men to lower their gaze and guard their sexual
parts. Tell the believing men that they should lower their gazes and
guard their sexual organs; that is purer for them. Indeed Allah is
well-acquainted with what they do (24:30). Here lowering of the gazes
means to avert the eyes from the faces of the passersby and not to
caress the attractive features of women with the eyes. Same hold good
for women too. They are advised to guard their modesty and chastity, be
they their first cousinsuntil and unless they get married to them.

The Prophet (saw) considered hungry and lustful looks at any person of
the opposite gender as the sin of the eye, according to his saying,
The eyes also commit sin (arabic:zina), and their sin is the lustful
look (Al-Bukhari).

Question 4 : While it is sad to see the way women are treated in Saudi
Arabia, it is also sad to see the infighting amongst our own people in
India based on north-south, languages etc.
When will Indian Muslims wake up to realize life? When will Indian
Muslims realize they are far better off in India than anywhere in
Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan ? If those countries are
better or even the region of Persia where Muslims originally came from,
migration is also an option.

A4: From where do you get the bright idea, that Indian Muslims want to
be like Saudis or live in Saudi Arabia? Do you think when Martin Luther
King was fighting for civil rights of blacks, Kennedy bros. should have
told him, Arent you black guys better off here than any of the African
countries of Ghana, Iberia or Zambia or arent you glad you LIVE in much
better countries than African continent??!! As an Indian, please dont
try to give us permission because we dont need any for staying in our
own country. India is the land where millions of Muslims have existed
for over 1350 years now. It is the place where our greatest art,
culture, architecture and history is situated. Muslims belong to the
land and the land (in an emotional sense) to the Muslims. The day when
Aryans decide to go back to Asia minor, Anglo Saxon go back to England
from America and so does blacks, Irish or Jewish Germans return back to
Germany, Africa & where ever they came from only a few hundred years
ago, you can start advocating your veiled ideas of genocide. The
return/emigration of Indian Muslims who are residing there from the year
642 AD (Refer to this link ), makes no sense at all and to call them as
those who came as invaders to India, forcing people to convert on the
point of sword, is a blatant historical lie. The first Muslims who came
in as invaders (as was the norm everywhere in the world of Medieval
ages), was much later in the Year 1192 AD, when Muhammad of Gaur
established his Kingdom in India after winning the second battle of
Tarain. (source:
With respect to your claim that women are generally (more) oppressed in
Arab/Islamic countries, please refer to my report : Women oppressed in

Question 5 : Why do Muslims condemn and abuse Hindu idols and their
worship when they themselves worship Kaaba and its black stone?

A 5: First of all, those Muslims who abuse Hindu idols, acts
contradictory to a verse of Quran and can be out rightly condemned for
this deed as they are committing a form of sin by going against the
diktats of Quran. A verse in Quran states: And insult not those, whom
they (non-Muslims) worship besides Allah, lest they insult Allah
wrongfully, without knowledge. Thus we have made fair seeming to each
people their own doings, then to their Lord is their return and He shall
then inform them of all that they used to do. (Quran 6:208). Coming to
the point of Muslims worshipping kaaba and to say that it is a form of
an idol worship too, then I would like to state that, an idol is
something people idolize in the sense of giving some of gods
attributes and abilities to it for instance the ability to answer
prayers of bring them good etc- one might protest that Muslims worship
the kaaba, Sikh the guru granth and Jews the wailing wall because they
bow down to it but in the Muslims sajda (prostration) during their
prayers when they face kaaba in the city of Mecca , is a sign of
humbleness to god and unity amongst themselves in their act of
worshipping not worshipping the stone or the structure of Kaaba this
is seen by the fact that it is not obligatory to have the physical kaaba
in front of you when you pray and a person can go his or whole life
without praying in front of the kaaba and there prayers are still valid
the reason all Muslims pray facing the kaaba is to create a sense of
unity (so Muslims do not have a physical representation of the kaaba in
their homes and mosques unlike statues ) no Muslim worships the
Kaaba, believes it to be a god or believes it can harm or benefit
(otherwise they would not be a Muslim but an idolater!!) I fear this
is different from other faiths who feed statues, ask them for help etc.
Bowing in front of something is not idolatry since one might bow down to
kiss a child or out of love to kiss a black stone believing that
something other than God can harm or benefit (such as a statue or a
stone or another person).
The best thing to refute your charge of idolizing kaaba is that during
olden days, when there were no speakers or amplifiers, Muslims are known
to have stood on the roof of the kaaba to give a call for prayer
azaan, which is meant for inviting and informing fellow Muslims of the
vicinity about due prayer times.

Hence, The very concept of standing over something youre supposed to
worship, makes the thing unworthy of your worship and this proves that
Muslims are and were never supposed to worship Kaaba or its black stone.

Hope this answers your question to summarise, the kaaba stones are
not an integral part of a Muslims worship as you are asking One true God
alone for help. Circumambulating kaaba during the process of Haj also
depicts the same concept of Unity or Oneness) of God as every circle
has ONLY one center.

Question 6: Why do Muslims practice burial of their dead instead of
cremation and end up wasting precious lands for those who are still
living in the society, by making tombs and cemented graves. Isnt God
powerful enough to raise man from any place and from any state He wishes to?

A6: Yes! Allah(swt) is able to recollect the scattered elements of a
persons body from any place of earth which is only a very small part of
His creation when compared to the vastness of the Universe. It is quite
easy for Him. The Quran declares: And they say: When we are bones and
fragments, shall we forsooth, be raised up as a new creation? Say: Be
you stones or iron or some created thing that is yet greater in your
thoughts- (Yet shall you be raised up)! Then they will say: Who shall
bring us back (to life)? Say He who created you the first time (Quran
Islam has a unique style of building graves and cemeteries that is
characterized by humility, simplicity and economy in costs and that
avoids glorifying the dead with elaborate monuments. It can thus rightly
be said that all the tombs and monuments that belong to the Mughal era
in India, including the magnificent Taj Mahal, have nothing to do with
the tenets of Islam and were purely matter of personal choice of those
emperors. According to Islam, it is prohibited to build any form of
construction on the grave, or decorate the grave. From the authentic
traditions, it is clear that to erect domes over graves or build
mausoleums or Mosques on graves is strictly forbidden. Prophet Muhammad
(pbuh) said: Do not build Mosques in the graveyard (Muslim). It is
prohibited to plaster the grave, whitewash the grave, or use cooked
stones. Jabir also reported: Prophet Muhammad forbade the whitewashing
of a grave, sitting on it, or erecting any type of structure on it
(Muslim). Hence, it can be deduced that a graveyard for Muslims can be
re-used over and over again in the absence of any permanent graves.

The fact that the dead bodies of saints and children amongst Hindus (in
the case of a male child below 11 years old and a female who is 7 years
and below), burial is practiced instead of being burnt. It probably
means that those who are supposedly innocent are buried while the rest
being sinners are burnt. Even Shri Jayendra Sarasvati, 69th
Shankaracharya of the Kamakoti Peetham, Kanchipuram, highlights the
Cremation of ordinary and burial of great men, as one of the basic
tenets of Hinduism.
There may be another reason of Hindus burning their dead, agni in
Sanskrit means fire. According to Panini, the highest ancient Sanskrit
authority on Philology, the word is derived from Agrini which means
the first or the foremost. Agrini was previously used for One God
and later its derivative Agni replaced it. Now the same word, Agni in
the Vedas is used for God as well as for fire according to the context.
The dead had to be surrendered to one God agrini. With the passage of
time, the word was changed to Agni which also means fire. So, the people
from the land of Sanskrit started surrendering their dead to fire. It
may be noted that mention of burial can even today be found in Vedas;
Let me not yet O Varuna, enter into the house of clay (the grave); Have
mercy, spare me, Mighty Lord.. O Bright and Powerful God, through lack
of strength I erred and went astray, have mercy, spare me Mighty Lord.
(Rigveda 7:89:1,3)

Have thyself, Earth not press thee downward heavily (after the burial);
Afford him easy access gently tending him; Cover him as mother wraps her
skirt over her child, O Earth.. I stay on the earth from thee, while
over thee I place this piece of earth. May I be free from injury. Here
let the fathers keep this pillars firm for thee, and there let Yama (The
Lord of death) make thee an abiding place. (Rigveda 10:18:11,13)

It may be mentioned that a large number of Hindus in South India and
Orissa, often bury their dead, instead of burning them, although the
reasons for doing so are debatable.

The Muslims bury their dead because the prophet (Pbuh) guided them and
as all the earlier prophets sent to all nations including India would
have guided their people. All the prophets preached Islam, the religion
of nature although every prophet would have used the word in the
language of his nation, instead of the Arabic word Islam. It may be
that Svadharma (Natures religion) was used in place of Islam in India
and Sanatan Dharma (The Eternal Religion) in place of its Arabic
synonym Deen-e-Qayyim. The true Sanatan Dharma or Svadharma preached
burial of the dead as it is according to nature. The burning of millions
of men requires a huge quantity of firewood which creates ecological
imbalance. The fumes add to pollution. The electrical pyres also are not
the solution, as they consume energy, much needed by the living. Burial
is echo friendly, pollution-free and energy saving.

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