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From:  Roy Hunter <>
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Subject:  Personal message from FAQ author
Date:  Sat, 25 Feb 2012 13:49:34 -0800 (PST)
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I started posting the FAQ in the late 1990's after several requests
for me to do so. Back then there were numerous hypnosis professionals
who frequently posted comments here; but unfortunately many well known
hypnotherapy experts were driven off this forum one by one because of
the incessant "flame wars" where people were verbally attacked.

Although I posted for several years, I eventually decided that my time
was better spent in moderated forums, because I prefer debates over
issues rather than personal attacks. Consequently, my only postings
for the last several years are the occasional FAQ files, in order to
honor the promise I made to several professionals before the turn of
the Century.

Occasionally I lurk here; but since I still find postings that
personally attack people, I will not respond to any comments from this
posting on alt.hypnosis. Instead, my posting time is now spent at, which is a moderated forum that prohibits personal
attacks on people. That forum is open to both hypnosis professionals
and anyone interested in hypnosis, and is free.

If anyone wishes for me to read your response to this personal
message, you may do so at, as any and all comments
at this website will be ignored. Meanwhile, I hope that someday the
alt.hypnosis newsgroup will become as good as it once was.

Roy Hunter

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