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The alt.drwho.creative FAQ (v1.6.4)

Created by Bruce Greenwood, updated and revised by Imran Inayat and Molly
Schlemmer, with thanks to J2rider, Ann Magill, B. K. Willis and Ken Young.

v.1.6.4 - updated question 13.

v.1.6.3 - fixed up the LJ links in question 15, and switched out the Gallifrey
One fanfic forum link for Gallifrey Base's.

v.1.6.2 - a small addendum to Magnus's writeup in question 13, courtesy of Ken

v.1.6.1 - added new fanfic archive 'The Zero Room' to question 15

v.1.6.0 - tweaked question 5 to incorporate S3.

v.1.5.9 - writeups for the "Spring Surprise" and "Room 308" series added to
question 13. Writeups supplied by B. K. Willis, with a few tweaks by Imran

v.1.5.8 - added livejournal communities to question 15, and updated the link
for 'Random Fiction'.

v.1.5.7 changes - updated question 5 to include the 2007 series, and a
tentative time-limit on spoilers for the new series.

v1.5.6 changes - updated question 13 with the current status of the Pro-Fun
Party, added the Tenth Doctor to question 5.

v1.5.5 changes - added questions 2 and 5, altered the question of question 1,
altered/removed archives from question 15

Version now version 1 to prevent confusion

This is still a work in progress. Constructive comments (hell, whatever
comments you like) can be sent to


1. What's this newsgroup for?
2. What's Doctor Who?
3. Can I post binary files here?
4. So what can I post here?
5. What about spoilers?
6. The story I want to post may be considered offensive - will it be posted?
7. What shouldn't I post here?
8. What is a Round Robin?
9. What is a crossover?
10. What is a drabble?
11. What is a filk?
12. What is an MST?
13. What is TTR? Or BoT? Or the IAs?
14. What is such-and-such?
15. Where can I find more stories?
16. I really liked that person's story - can I post a review of it?
17. What about copyright? Can I use this story in my fanzine?
18. There is no question 18. Why not?


1. What's this newsgroup for?

alt.drwho.creative is the newsgroup for posting and discussing Doctor Who fan
fiction created on the internet. For discussion of the TV programme, radio
plays, telemovies, books and so forth, rec.arts.drwho is the main unmoderated
group, whilst rec.arts.drwho.moderated is the main moderated group. is where you'll generally be able to find information on
fan-produced conventions, videos and so forth, as well as official information
regarding the status of Doctor Who.

2. What's Doctor Who?

A British TV show about the Doctor (occasionally 'Doctor Who', depending on who
and when you ask), an enigmatic wanderer who travels through time and space in
a time machine called the TARDIS, usually with a collection of companions in
attendance. The original series ran from 1963 to 1989, with a TV Movie in
1996.The new series, starting in 2005, picks up again at a point after the
original series and TVM left off.

For more information, try:

The BBC's Doctor Who Homepage (Who's computer is this?)

Shannon Patrick Sullivan's 'A Brief History of Time (Travel)' (Who's computer is this?)

Be warned: you may be a little while...

3. Can I post binary files here?

Binaries related to Doctor Who should be posted to the alt.binaries.drwho and groups. Please do not post binaries to this group,
or you can expect to be torn a new one.

4. So, what can I post here?

Practically anything that is to do with creative Doctor Who. What that means,
in practice, has proven very flexible in both format and style, with formats
including prose, script, poetry, and filk and stories ranging from standard
Doctor-centred stories to stories featuring original characters who appeared in
an author's Doctor Who story.

There /are/ limits, though - the less Doctor Who-related content there is in
your story, the more likely it is that some people may just give up on it. If
posting a story with minimal Doctor Who-related content, be sure to put a note
to that effect at the beginning of the story (and preferably be sure to have a
few actual Doctor Who stories under your belt before even trying something like

However, there is a fine line between doing that, and posting an original story
which you claim is set in the Doctor's universe without _any_ reference to
things Who-related, not even the justification that the characters were
involved in a story alongside characters from the Doctor's cosmoi, or in a
story that drew on the mythos of the Doctor's cosmoi. In such a case, it is
recommended you post the story to an appropriate newsgroup.

It is recommended you include a disclaimer with your story, identifying
who/what holds copyright on which characters.

If you're posting a very long story, it's considered good form to split it up
and number the bits. If you're reading a story and only get chapters 1, 3 and 5
through 9, wait a bit before requesting a repost - it may just be your server
is a bit slow.

Discussion of a story, of the newsgroup, and of fanfiction, is also

5. What about spoilers?

Hard one, this, as readers of the newsgroup live worldwide, and therefore will
experience the same story at different times (yep, even allowing for downloads
from the 'Net).

As a general guideline, when writing something utilising an element from the
current series - apart from the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, the TARDIS, Rose,
Martha, Jack and Donna - tag the title with [SPOILERS], indicating which
episode(s) the spoilers concern. So, for example, a story with spoilers for the
first episode of S3, 'Smith and Jones', could be tagged ['Smith and Jones'
SPOILERS] or [SPOILERS for 'Smith and Jones']. Tentative rule of thumb is
to use the spoiler tag for three months after UK transmission (dates for which
can be found at one of the sites in question 2).

Simple use of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, Rose, Martha, Donna or Captain Jack
in a story does not require spoiler tagging, but reference to something that
comes up in a TV story /does/, whether image, dialogue, character or plot

The original TV series (including the TV Movie) requires no spoilers.

The spinoffs - the novels, the audios and the 'Doctor Who Magazine' comic
strip - have something of the same time-delay problem as the new series; it's
recommeded you stick with the three month limit for spoiler tags.

Crossovers (explained below) suffer the same time-delay problem. Here, the rule
of thumb is to allow six months after initial release of the other series's
story before dropping the spoiler tag. In addition, make no assumptions about
others' familiarity with the story in question - this means walking the line
between assuming everyone knows the story you're talking about and assuming
nobody knows what story you're talking about.

6. The story I want to post may be considered offensive - will it be posted?

Yup. This group is totally unmoderated. This means three things - you can quite
happily post a story where various companions and Doctors do weird and
terrifying things with chocolate sauce to each other, and you can probably
expect to get one or two rude responses. If you see any spam on the group, feel
free to report it to the spammer's ISP. Constructive criticism of stories is
generally encouraged, but comments like "Yor story sux, yo iliturat luser!"
will generally be treated with the respect they deserve.

7. What shouldn't I post here?

Binaries are the main thing. Advertisements for new Who material (such as audio
plays, fan videos and so forth) are quite acceptable. Please don't post non-Who
related items, or Who-related non-creative items (such as book reviews and so
forth). Other groups exist for that purpose.

8. What is a round robin?

A round robin is a story written by a group of people, with each person taking
it in turns to write part of the story before handing off for another author to
add to the story. In practice, there have been two major types of round robin
on the newsgroup:

- improvisational, where someone posts the beginning of a story (preferably
marked as a round-robin) to the newsgroup, and waits for someone else to take
it up.

- moderated, where someone (the round robin moderator) posts a call to the
newsgroup asking for writers for a round-robin, with a basic idea of what the
round robin will involve - even if it's just something like "This will be a
Ninth Doctor story". After receiving responses from authors who'd like to get
involved, the moderator posts again to the newsgroup, specifying what, if any,
ground rules for the story are expected (which Doctor, if any, it involves, how
many chapters there'll be, which authors are doing which chapters, when they
expect an author's chapter to be submitted to them, when an author's chapter
will be posted, and so forth). Chapters are usually posted either in one go, or
according to the schedule (if there is one - and if you know you can't make the
deadline, inform the moderator).

9. What is a crossover?

A crossover is a story which links characters from two or more different
sources of fiction. For example, the Doctor might land on the Enterprise, the
Red Dwarf, or in sunny Springfield, or the Sliders, Arthur Dent, or Barney
Rubble may land in the TARDIS console room. It's usually courteous to list who
the crossover is with to avoid confusion, although you may wish to leave it out
if you want to keep it a surprise.

10. What is a drabble?

A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words - no more, no less. Some people have
created "Double-drabbles" and "half-drabbles" - you can guess how many words
these have.

11. What is a filk?

Filk music is, effectively, science fiction and fantasy folk music. A filk (or
filksong) can be either a parody of another song, (its most commonly
encountered form), or an original song in its own right. They can cover
virtually any subject, and can be funny or serious, as depends.

12. What is an MST?

The term MST (or MSTing) comes from the TV series "Mystery Science Theater
3000". An MST is basically metafictional: the MST's author takes a story - or
other piece of written work - and creates another story around it wherein
characters of the MST author's choice (sometimes including the author
themselves) comment, parody, satirise and generally poke fun at the original
piece. This can be a mark of derision, respect, or possibly both, depending on
the original piece and the MST's author.

Note that MSTs are not exempt from being worthy of MSTing themselves.

(The term MPT3K may sometimes be seen on the newsgroup - it's a reference to
"Mystery Psycho Theater 3000", BK Willis's take on the MST idea.)

13. What is TTR? Or BoT? Or the IAs?

Several running series appear on alt.drwho.creative. Some are silly, some are
serious, and some are just plain odd. Usually, stories that belong to a series
will have that series listed by title or handy-dandy abbreviation either in the
subject line or somewhere at the beginning of the post.

Here, in a nutshell, are the series of ADWC (Note: Most of these series have
their own FAQs - or are at least better explained by the creators themselves -
so links will be provided with each entry. Hold on to your hats, boys and
girls, this could take awhile...).

- This Time Round [TTR] - This Time Round is the pub outside Doctor Who
continuity (and we mean ALL Doctor Who continuity). At this point, TTR is
probably the largest ongoing series on ADWC, encompassing several subgenres
(explained below) as well as the stories within the pub itself. Anyone can
write a TTR story, though it's probably wise to read the FAQ first (in fact,
I'd recommend it).

The This Time Round Archive can be found at (Who's computer is this?)

The This Time Round FAQ can be found at (Who's computer is this?)

- To Die For [TDF] - Set in the TTR universe, To Die For is the evil brainchild
of one Bradley K. Willis and one Douglas B. Killings. Others have contributed
to the mayhem, but for the most part you can blame Brad and Doug. Everyone's
favorite Trakenite, Nyssa, is in (sub)reality a murderous, raving lunatic bent
on killing Adric in the most inventive ways possible (or impossible; TDF is
based on anime...). Yes, my friends, this is the origin of Psycho Nyssa.

TDF is fairly complex at this point (continuity outside continuity???). For a
better explanation, see the TTR FAQ.

- Look Who's Talking [LWT] - Welcome to 'the creche'. Another TTR subgenre.
Originated by Imran Inayat, LWT has spawned three other TTR subgenres (Then Do
That Over, Newman Primary, and Dunvworpin (the retirement home outside
continuity)). Basically, LWT is where baby versions of your favorite Doctor Who
characters are left and can do virtually anything they want. ANYTHING.

Do not go in the toybox.

More information on LWT can be found in the TTR FAQ.

- Then Do That Over [TDTO] - More alternate-age Doctor Who characters in the
TTR universe. This time, it's high school. Set in H.G. Wells Memorial High
School (both a British and an American high school, depending on the writer's
mood/nationality), you can re-live those wonderful high school years with the
Doctor brothers and their coterie of teenage companions. Originally created by
Paul Gadzikowski.

For more information on TDTO, see the TTR FAQ.

- The Peri Arc - (last of the TTR subgenres, I swear). The Peri Arc is Paul
Gadzikowski's Doctor/Peri romance. Yes, a Doctor/Peri romance. Yes, eight
Doctors (and at one point, eight Peris too). And *gulp* the husband... This is
TTR, after all. And it's funny as all get-out.

Info on the Peri Arc can be found in the TTR FAQ as well as at Paul
Gadzikowski's web site (where, not so surprisingly, you can also find the
stories of the Peri Arc) @ (Who's computer is this?)

- King Arthur In Time And Space [KAITAS] - Paul Gadzikowski writes awesome
crossovers. In 1999 he created KAITAS by replacing the proper nouns in many of
the franchises he writes in (Doctor Who, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
M*A*S*H, etc.) with proper nouns from the King Arthur legends (e.g., the Doctor
became Merlin, the Enterprise became the starship Excalibur, and so on). It's
King Arthur in space opera form.

Want more? Then I direct you to the KAITAS page on Paul's site, found at (Who's computer is this?)

- The Pro-Fun Troll Hoedown/Quadrille - It's a party! The Pro-Fun Troll Party
is held each year in the pro-fun trolls' TARDIS and hosted by Eloise, the first
pro-fun troll to come out of hiding (a.k.a. Ann Magill). It's an informal round
robin, with everyone contributing pieces of the story whenever they can.
There've been four Pro-Fun Parties to date, all of which have taken place on
alt.drwho.creative and/or rec.arts.drwho. An attempt at a fifth on Livejournal
petered out someway through.

More information on the Pro-Fun Troll Parties can be found at (Who's computer is this?)

- The Internet Adventures [IA] - Just prior to the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie, a
group of writers got together to write a moderated round robin featuring the
yet-to-be-seen 8th Doctor. There are now over fifty IAs of various sorts
(Internet Adventures, Missing Internet Adventures, Bernice Internet Adventures,
etc.). Unlike the Pro-Fun Troll Parties, the IAs are moderated round robins
Question 6 of this FAQ for more information on moderated round robins).

The Internet Adventures FAQ can be found on the IA homepage at (Who's computer is this?)

- The Book of Taliesin [BoT] - The Book of Taliesin was created by Helen Fayle,
and is set in the alternative universe introduced in the TV story
'Battlefield'. The BoT covers the adventures of the bard Taliesin, his sometime
companion Vivienne, and his sometime associate Katschei, in the Nine Worlds.
However, in the Nine Worlds, technology has a nasty habit of being
interchangeable with magic, myth has a nasty habit of becoming reality, and the
past has a nasty habit of coming back to bite you in the butt...

The Book of Taliesin - where all this is explained much, _much_ better, and
more besides - can be found at (Who's computer is this?)

- Desert of Fear [DoF] - Desert of Fear is a round robin that, when it started
out, featured the Third Doctor and Jo Grant, but has since moved on to bigger
and better things. Here you can find warring factions, Gallifreyan Black-Ops
called Regulators manipulating events from behind the scenes, a renegade
Regulator causing trouble for his former colleagues, and, somewhere in the
midst, the Doctor and Jo, who have landed on the WRONG planet.

If you want more information on DoF, you can find the FAQ at (Who's computer is this?) . Failing that, you can ask one of the
series' four authors, BK Willis, Clive May, Ken Young, or Brad Filippone.

- Dragon Lines/Space Vixens! (no acronyms as yet) - These two effectively share
the same setting, so they're covered together.

The Dragon Lines setting, devised by Imran Inayat, is an alternative universe
that merges Doctor Who with anime - to often bizarre effect. Here, the Who
characters are magical girls, tormented psychics, honorable warriors,
otherworldly girlfriends, mad scientists, and much more besides.

The Dragon Lines story proper sees what happens as _something_ brings together
people from wildly different eras and worlds, people who would never otherwise
have met. From E-Space to N-Space, Neo-Edo to Freeport, 2001 to 3801, the
strands are being drawn together... but for what purpose?

Space Vixens! is BK Willis's own take on the setting, as notorious space
pirates Nyssaias von Drakken and Embericles Ashford set off on their latest
voyage. This time, they've got a techno-ninja hired to kill Nyssaias as first
mate, a girl with a suitcase that holds the key to the universe as ship's cook,
an insurance company on their trail, and the Alliance Navy after their heads.

Business as usual, really.

For more info, ask either BK Willis or Imran Inayat.

- Badlands (no acronym) - The Badlands is another alternative universe,
originated by BK Willis (yep, him again), and expanded on by Paul Gadzikowski,
Imran Inayat, and Ken Young.

The Badlands are a world fallen, a world moved on. It is a world where demons
crawl forth from the gates of Hell, where witches are burned alive, where the
Lords of Hell rule. In the midst of this are those struggling to survive, to
stay alive, and keep the flame burning. But the Lords' Champions are on the
move, and ancient powers walk the land once more. Will the world be lost to the
void... or is there still hope for salvation?

For more info, it's probably best to contact BK.

- Spring Surprise - A crossover with the anime 'Ranma 1/2', told in a series
of over 100 drabbles (and counting) by B. K. Willis. When the Fifth Doctor and
Nyssa get stuck with gender-swapping curses at the Springs of Jusenkyou, it
sets in motion a chain of mostly violent events involving marriage-minded
Chinese Amazons, an invincible housewife, a revenge-crazed former companion,
zeppelin-riding pirates, ninjas, sorcerers, the Flight Attendants' Union, and a
girl with a paper bag on her head.

- Room 308 - Comedy series by B. K. Willis (hmm... name seems familiar) set in
a fictitious university somewhere in the American Midwest. Law student Elaine
Mueller just wants to lead a normal life. Is that too much to ask? Well,
since her roommate Saveena is not only a dope-smoking slacker, but a fugitive
Time Lord as well... since her neighbor Judy Custer is an incompetent and
rather pervy UNIT spy... and since she's being stalked by a clueless but
persistent Sontaran named Skrang... it probably is.

- Magnus and Varne - Okay, so Magnus and Varne aren't an ongoing series, but
they do tend to pop up in a lot of places on ADWC and are quite an interesting
pair. Hm. Perhaps the best way to explain these two is to give you their
descriptions straight from their creator, Ken Young:

Magnus used to be a Power which relinquished its immortality for
vulnerability because it was bored. As a result, while he will not die
of old age, he can be killed. Inherent abilities are a facility with
languages (shared with Varne) and Continuum Control or Sorcery
depending on how the setting reacts to magic. That includes
teleporting, a limited ability to time travel and the ability to manipulate
matter - change a pile of bricks into a speedboat, that sort of thing.
Oh, and also controlled regeneration and the ability to heal others
whose nervous system can stand the strain. Learned abilities
include weaponry, occultism and science.

History: Magnus originated as a figure with, if not godlike levels of power,
certainly enough to match a demon's. During that period he worked for
the 'Nine and Ninety'. After a very vicious quarrel with his employers
he fled through the 'Gates of Dawn', which changed him, reducing
his powers to the current level. He ended up in a pocket universe
where he learned many of his acquired skills at a rate that surprised
other inhabitants. The Gates also froze him in his current form. On a
physical point of view he is faster and stronger than most others.
Think Batman on steroids. As for personality, he is not a sadist, but
on the other hand thinks nothing of torturing or killing people when
the situation demands. Known weakness - drinks, especially when
he is bored. Magnus also holds grudges until they die of old age, then
has them stuffed andmounted; he is /very/ serious when it comes to

Varne was the youngest one in a clan at Chorazon (where Magnus ended
up). She first met Magnus as a student - by the time she arrived, he was
head of the College of Mages. By the time Magnus decided to leave she
was fully qualified and decided to go with him. Main abilities are shape
changing and divination, developed to a degree that she no longer
needs magic to use them. Mass alteration is difficult with the smallest
size being a large cat and the biggest about the size of a Cape Buffalo.
Learned abilities include occultism and weaponry skills. She is
fascinated by explosives. Known weakness - Magnus. The shape
changing was probably an inherent trait which was developed.

A good starting place for stories featuring Magnus and Varne is their first
complete story, A Quiet Drink.

Most of the above series are open to anybody who wants to use them, including
Magnus and Varne, but we'd strongly suggest posting a copy of the resulting
stories on adwc, so we know what's going on with them.

14. What is such-and-such?

If it's not answered above, it's probably best to ask the author. Send them an
email or ask the group, if you feel that others might benefit from more

15. Where can I find more stories?

There are several archives which can be found on the internet. Different ones
may suit different tastes, and not all of them contain every story, so check
around if you're looking for something in particular - someone should have it.
If all else fails, try Google Groups ( (Who's computer is this?) ).

Some archives (eg Panatropic, A Teaspoon..., Ogron Bob) are/were "everything"
archives, some have a specific theme (Storm God Rising, the Erotic Archive),
while others are collections of personal fiction (eg Jeri Massi, Paul

Web.archive links are archives of archives which have, for whatever reason,
been removed from the web.

There are also several web forums and livejournal communities for posting Who
fiction; however, it should be noted that these are /slightly/ less lenient in
what fiction may be posted there - ie, they'd probably prefer it if the story
had more than a tangenital connection to Who. Check their guidelines before
posting a story.


A Teaspoon And An Open Mind - Doctor Who Fan Fiction Archive (auto-archive) (Who's computer is this?)

Gallifrey Base Fan Fiction Forum (Who's computer is this?)

FanFiction.Net's 'Doctor Who' section

Fanfiction.Net only allows linkage either to its front page or directly to the
stories, which means directions are needed. Start off from, (Who's computer is this?) click on 'TV Show', then scroll down until you reach
'Doctor Who'.

Livejournal communities

Doctor Who Fiction (Who's computer is this?)

Doctor Who 100 (for 'Doctor Who' drabbles) (Who's computer is this?)


The Internet Adventures Homepage (Who's computer is this?)

The Book of Taliesin (Helen Fayle's site) (Who's computer is this?)

Doctor Who Fiction (Who's computer is this?)

Paul Gadzikowski's fan fiction and cartoon site (Who's computer is this?)

Gray's Garret - Gray Woodland's Speculative Fiction Site (Who's computer is this?)

Jeri's Dr. Who Fiction Page (Who's computer is this?)

Clive May's Fiction (Who's computer is this?)

Mystic Wild Parabola (Rebecca Anderson's site) (Who's computer is this?)

nostalgia for an age yet to come (nostalgia's site) (Who's computer is this?)

The Pro-Fun Troll Hoedowns/Quadrilles (site hosted by Paul Andinach) (Who's computer is this?)

Random Fiction

Storm God Rising (Who's computer is this?)

Strange Times and Places (Imran's site, home of the This Time Round FAQ and
story list) (Who's computer is this?)

TimeLord Fiction (Who's computer is this?)

The Zero Room (open to fanfic for Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane


The Panatropic Net Doctor Who Fan Fiction Archive (Who's computer is this?)

Terry Burnett (Who's computer is this?)

The Fictional Netherworld (Who's computer is this?)

Matt Grady (Who's computer is this?)

Will Howells Curse of Fanfic (Who's computer is this?)

Ogron Bob's alt.drwho.creative archive (Who's computer is this?)

Temporal Nexus (Who's computer is this?)

For more archives, check out the Creative Works section of the Doctor Who Web
Guide at: (Who's computer is this?)

If you have your own archive, or have changed some of your details, please
contact Imran and he'll fix the FAQ for you.

16. I really liked that person's story - can I post a review of it?

Sure, go ahead. You could also send the person email - there's nothing quite
like the warm fuzzy glow you get when someone sends you email for a story
you've just written. As noted before - constructive criticism is encourages,
destructive will get you hatemail and/or ignored.

17. What about copyright? Can I use this person's story in a fanzine?

thumb, at least. Most people are happy to let others use their stories
somewhere else, as long as they are asked nicely first.

18. There is no question 18. Why not?

Because this is where you can ask your own questions. Send them to Imran, and
he'll either answer, put them in the FAQ, or direct you towards someone who may
know more about the subject.




Where you can get the newsgroup alt.drwho.creative