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This is the OFFICIAL FAQ for the USENET newsgroup:
(Last update: 02.18.2008)
(Web links checked & updated)

1. What is
1.1 What is the FAQ for and why am I reading it?
1.2 Is there a website for
1.3 So, basically all you people do is post pictures to this NG?
1.4 Trolls and Trolling
1.4.1 What are they and how to deal with them
1.4.2 How to use the Kill-File
1.5 Common TLAs and how to look cool.

2. Questions You Might Have
2.1 What is appropriate fare here?
2.1.1. OK, what ISN'T appropriate fare? But..but..I don't think that nudity should be allowed here!
2.1.2 Why aren't there more tiled backgrounds here?
2.2 Is there a posting convention for the NG?
2.3 What is an Index and should I be posting them?
2.4 What is a Flood and should I avoid Flooding?
2.5 How do you combine multi-part messages?
2.6 Concerning Screen Captures of Desktops?
2.7 Where can I find a good free server?
2.8 What does "CSV" mean and what is a .csv file?
2.9 What is "a.b.p.u.," "a.b.p.w.discussion," and
2.10 What is yEnc? (Links updated 02.18.2008)
2.11 What is the Walrus, or What is the Weekly Wallpaper Contest?

3. Sites of Interest
3.1 Can I view this newsgroup on the web?

4. Software
4.1 Creation?
4.2 Display
4.2.1 Desktop Display
4.2.2 Picture Viewers
4.3 Auto-Posters
4.4 Auto Grabbers

5. Anything else?

6. Amendments, History, Notes

1. What is
First of all, welcome aboard the good ship ABPW! This group is basically
a binaries forum for the posting of interesting images that can be used
as desktop wallpapers. Here you will find artistic and open-minded
(well, FTMP) folks who share high-resolution images that they have
created or found on the Internet. Most of these images will comply to
the 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, or 1600x1200 resolution sets. OK, hold
on to your hat for this little tidbit of wonderfulness, but those just
happen to be the same exact resolutions that are used by most modern
OS' GUIs! Occasionally you will see postings of tiled backgrounds, but
this has decreased steadily in recent times.

1.1 What is the FAQ for and why am I reading it?
This document is a list of the "Frequently Asked Questions." Most
seasoned Usenetters know that if there is a query rolling around in your
mind, it's probably been on the mind of someone else at one point or
another. In an ideal Usenet world, all newbies would consult the FAQ
before posting a question, answer, retort or rant. But it is not a
perfect world, so please feel free to direct all inquiries to this
document. Do you have any comments on this document? Suggestions? Or do
you just need to let off some steam? Then please post to the A.P.B.W
newsgroup with the Subject [APBW FAQ Question]. And JDa, Jer or any one
of a number of knowledgeable people will try and answer your question.
Finally, to answer your question as to why you are reading it, the
answer is simple: You are seeking answers to your important questions.
You are one of those kids that sat at the front and paid attention in
class. You wish to succeed and take it upon your self to be well
informed so you will have the upper hand at all times. You, my friend,
are smarter than the average bear.

1.2 Is there a companion website for
No. Shamari from had maintained a beautiful web
site, but in Dec of 2005 closed the site down.

1.3 So basically all you people do here is post pictures, right?
For the most part, yes. As this is a binaries group, technically all
that should be posted here is binaries. However a little discussion (or
flamewar) pops up occasionally, and is encouraged! Well, the discussion
part is encouraged. The flamewars, well, that is not encouraged and is a
very good way to get yourself into everyone's killfiles. If you like a
particular wallpaper, be sure to drop a little message to the creator.
We all like receiving a little praise for something we have put a little
time into creating.

1.4 Trolls and Trolling (*12/14/2005)
Quick! Hide your virgins and your livestock! The trolls are loose! We
all know what trolls are in the storybooks. They are vile, disgusting
creatures that live under bridges and in caves, eat livestock and
terrorize the good people of the town. Usenet trolls are pretty much the
same beast with the exception that they normally live in their mother's
basement and eat Cheeto's. Seriously though, Usenet exists for
As for the people you don't like, we are only there to post images,
once in a while, and fan the flames occasionally to get the discussions
started up. If you really can't stand someone, your best bet would be to
just add him/her to your killfile and just ignore them. Pitching a fit
demanding that someone answer for their transgressions or leave the
is like pouring kerosene on a fire. It doesn't stop the flames from

1.4.1 Trolls: What They Are and How To Deal With Them
Trolls are the most common species of usenet vermin. Every group has to
deal with them, and ABPW is no exception. "Well, again, what is a
troll", you ask. OK, OK, I was just getting to that. Simply put, a
troll is someone who posts inflammatory messages to a group in order to
get a response to satisfy their unending need for attention, to upset
the general population of a group, or to start an argument (called a
flamewar). The basest and most inept of these creatures will post
something like "hey! All you people suck!" Unfortunately, they will
almost always find some sap willing to respond to these childish antics.
This causes the troll to feel vindicated for their actions and can lead
them to post again in an attempt to cause more strife. Responding to a
troll's antagonizing is commonly referred to as 'feeding the trolls'.
Please remember that Usenet trolls are like bears at the zoo. Please
don't feed the trolls, and they usually won't attack you. Responding to
such stupidity only serves to breed more stupidity.

Sometimes, however, a troll will post a message to the group that may
make a lot of sense. He may make valid points. You may even agree with
them. But please remember that ABPW is all about wallpaper and wallpaper
related topics only! Subjects such as politics, religion, race, etc. are
normally off-topic for this group. There are many other groups that are
a far better choice for engaging in such conversations. That is not to
mean that off-topic discussions cannot take place. Threads such as
"Where ya'll from?" or "What do you do for a living?" or 'Do you like
cheese?' are fun and should be encouraged. Topics such as "Screw the
French" or "Bush is an asshole" are definitely off-topic and unwanted
inflammatory posts, and should be ignored as such. By ignoring a troll,
you show them to be the fools they are, and take away their power to
disrupt the group. Even more, you can add the offending poster to your
killfile (also called plonk) and never be bothered by them again.

1.4.2 How to Use The Killfile
One of the handiest features ever included in most all newsreader
programs is the killfile, sometimes referred to as the plonk file or
bozo-bin. The killfile is a filter for a list of topics, keywords, and
posters that will blocked from downloading to your reader so you will
not have to view them. For example, say you don't want to see any
wallpapers with nudity in them. Just add the words 'nude,' 'nudity,' and
'adult' to your killfile and your client will automatically block you
from viewing any articles that have those keywords in the headers. It is
for this reason that most everyone who posts walls with adult content in
them will use at least one of these words in the subject of the post
(well, just about everyone will. There are mistakes made sometimes, and
then there are the folks who aren't as bright as you are and didn't read
the FAQ). Anyone who neglects to label such material is usually reminded
of the proper group etiquette by more than one person.

Below are simple instructions on how to use the killfile in the most
common newsreaders:

Microsoft Outlook Express
Highlight a message (even if you haven't downloaded the body this can be
done) from the offensive poster and then:

Message | Block Sender

you'll see a popup telling you it's been done and asking if you want to
remove all posts from that user: Y/N ..
select Y and poof .. all posts from the offender disappear ..
click no and you can still see what you've previously downloaded

This process means you don't see anything from those on the block sender
list at all. You can choose to block either email or news messages or

To remove go to Tools | Message Rules on the list shown find the address
you want to remove the blocking for, highlight and click Remove.

When reading an article, press 'k' to add the poster to the plonk file.
You'll be asked for an expiry period. By default, the expiry is set to
100 - meaning after 100 days, the name will be automatically removed.
It's a good idea to specify an expiry period (remember, the more
entries in the plonk file, the longer it takes the program to process
it). If you really want the name to stay permanently, set expiry
period to zero. You cannot use regular expressions, so the poster's
name and email must match exactly (except for case). Also, it is global
(you cannot filter by groups). You can bring up the plonk file viewer
with Ctrl+k. You can then add, remove, or edit entries. To delete,
press the Del. To edit a name or email, right click on it.

Microplanet Gravity 2.60 (build 2060)
The killfile is called the Bozo Bin and it's fairly easy to use. One
just right clicks on an article and chooses "Add author to Bozo Bin"
from the menu. You can change how long to ignore bozos by going to the
menu bar and choosing Tools -> Bozo Bin

The killfile is pretty simple. Right click the message, then select
Filters, then Add Kill Filter. You can then edit the criteria for
subject line, Authors name, number of lines in the message, etc. It has
a pretty advanced killfile scripting language but for just a simple bozo
bin style kill, the above is all you need.

If your particular program is not listed here, then be sure to check its
documentation to learn how to use this tool that makes an Usenet
existence so much more pleasurable.

1.5 Common TLAs, or How To Look Cool in Eight Characters or Less
So, you wanna look like you've been scurrying around Usenet for years,
huh? Well, the first step is you got to learn the lingo. You gotta talk
like a netizen. You should use TLAs and emoticons whenever possible.
"What's a TLA," you ask. It's a Three Letter Acronym. Yes, yes, yes I
realize that some of these have more than 3 letters, but you know, we
can't all be rocket surgeons like you, now can we?

AFAIK: as far as I know
IIRC: if I recall correctly
ROTFLMAO: rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
LOL: laughing out loud
NG: newsgroup
RL, IRL: real life, in real life
NP: now playing (often seen at the end of a message)
OS: operating system
GUI: graphic user interface
BTW: by the way
TBH: to be honest
RTFF: read the fine/fecking FAQ
FTMP: for the most part
TIA: thanks in advance
REQ: request
VBG: very big grin
IMO: in my opinion
IMHO: in my honest/humble opinion
JIG: jer is godlike. heh, j/k
J/K: just kidding
YMMV: your mileage may vary

2. Questions You Might Have
Well, here it is, finally! The section you have all been waiting for.
Prepare to stand in awe!

2.1 What is Appropriate Fare Here?
Ah, yes, the age-old question that has haunted mankind for ages, or
well, at lest about the last 20 or so years. It's also a question not
easily answered as it is always being debated here in the group.
Although the issue will probably never be solved to everyone's
satisfaction, we have come to a reasonable compromise that most agree to
abide by. Basically, any picture you find or create that you are willing
to use as a wallpaper on your computer, and is sized appropriately to
accommodate a common resolution of a an OS's GUI (remember those?
800x600, 1024x768, 1600x 1200, etc) is fine to be posted here. Some
folks like POV, Poser and Bryce-styled renders.
Some folks prefer stylized, hand-worked pieces. Still, others prefer
photos of nature, the human form (nude or otherwise), animals, space,
and so on. The point is, it doesn't matter what your wall's subject
matter is, as long as it is something that you would use as a wallpaper,
and corresponds with the correct sizes, it is welcome.

2.1.1 Ok. what ISN'T appropriate fare?
A while ago some posters voiced their opinion that some of the posted
content was objectionable. Namely, nudity has been an issue. While most
people would agree that households with children shouldn't have to worry
about whether the kids are going to be exposed to porn in an otherwise
family-themed group, we all know there are far worse places in the
alt.binaries hierarchy for them to see. What has been proposed and
accepted is that nudity will be allowed, however all posts that contain
nudity or adult themes are required to have a <nudity> or <adult> tag in
the subject line. This way all parties are happy. Those that wish to,
eh, broaden their horizons, are not unduly restricted, while those who
do not wish to view such images are forewarned of objectionable content.
It is also a fairly simple matter to configure your software to
automatically block any headers containing these tags and the files will
not be downloaded to your newsreader.

Please remember though that Usenet is freely accessed by all sorts of
people and is totally unregulated. This FAQ is only a listing of the
accepted etiquette for THIS GROUP ONLY. It is by no means the "law." If
you are a parent or a person of sensitive constitution, then it is your
responsibility to regulate what you or your children see. It is not up
to the posters to regulate content. To put this in the simplest of

To recap, as long as objectionable content is properly tagged, nothing
is off limits. However, I would like to take a moment to say that some
content, namely child pornography, while not implicitly restricted by
this FAQ, is illegal in every part of the world, and is not considered
acceptable content. Also, I assure you anyone posting such content WILL
be reported to their NSP and to Interpol. So if that is your game, it is
best to just keep on traveling. But..but..I don't think that nudity should be allowed here!
Well, we are truly sorry to hear that. This is first and foremost a
forum for the display of artistic works. Whether you approve or not,
nudity has always been a common theme in art. See the works of any
classical artist for reference. For a more concrete rebuttal, reference
the alt.config archives: forum for
posting wallpaper images.

Notice that nudity isn't prohibited? This isn't to say that your voice
hasn't been heard. See Sec. 2.1.1's explanation of the <nudity> tag.

2.1.2 Why aren't there more tiled backgrounds here?
No one is really sure. We are all for tiled backgrounds. It has been
noted though that as machines become more advanced graphically, the web
and user preferences have been steadily moving away from tessellated
backgrounds and more towards solid backgrounds with more flamboyant
content. But are tiles welcome in this group? ABSOLUTELY!

2.2 IS there a posting convention for this NG?
Unlike other NG's, the point of this one isn't to make the image as
small as possible for quick downloads. Here we're more concerned with
image quality. This directly translates into large files. Naturally,
a 250k .jpg is going to make far more sense than sending the same
image as a 3meg .bmp, but both file types are routinely seen here
(though .bmp files are frowned upon). Also, all adult images should be
labeled as such. In general, keeping your multipart messages to as few
parts as possible (difficult with some software, I know) would be
A meaningful subject is always a good idea. The main area of contention
concerns "what exactly constitutes a wallpaper?".
To be exact, a "wallpaper" is any image that conforms to the following;

The image you post should either:

a) completely fill a computer screen for one of our currently
defined screen reolutions and aspect ratios,
b) match side to side and top to bottom so that when tiled
for a desktop it creates a seamless pattern (AKA a tile).

The idea is that whatever image you post should completely fill the
computer screen. Basically, that is what sets us apart from any other
binary image newsgroup. It also gives us the canvas upon which we
can express our art. See "Addendum #1 Common Display Resolutions",
for the current sizes available. This table and its information, is ever
evolving and represents only the most popular sizes at the time of this

2.3. What is an index and should I be posting them?
An index is a picture file that shows thumbnail sized images of the
graphic files that you will be posting. A few people haven't had the
chance or availability to upgrade to a faster connection and are still
limited to a 56k, 33.6k or even slower Internet connections. Now, in a
perfect world all wallpapers would be perfect pictures. Since we live in
reality, many people make index files of the walls that they post so
people with slower download connections don't have to click on every
post to see if they want to save it. They can download the index, check
the thumbnails, and then download only the files they want. Some people
say if you're going to post more than ten walls at the same time, you
need to make an index and post that along with them. Some people say 5,
15, 25, etc. Use your own judgment. You don't really have to post any
index at all, although they're usually very helpful and people generally
tend to check what you've posted more often if you include an index.
Indexes or indices are pretty easy to make, just about any image viewer
or paint program can do so. Most, if not all, of the image viewing
programs listed in section 4.2.2 of this document have various ways of
making index files and they can be saved in any of the graphic file
formats, .jpg being most popular.

2.4. What is a Flood and should I avoid Flooding?
A Flood is a large posting of more than 50 posts. Since bandwidth can be
limited in Usenet, flooding in newsgroups with a lot of traffic means
that the servers release the posts sooner. Servers hold messages for a
limited amount of time. The more messages that are sent to the server,
the sooner it will drop previous messages. A while back the subject of
flooding was discussed and voted on by the group. The result of this
discussion and vote was an agreement that any post consisting of more
than 50 files was considered a flood, and highly frowned upon. Flooding
is the quickest way to get killfiled by a number of members in the
group, and is also the cause of most of the nastiest flamewars in the
group. When you have a lot of walls that you'd like to share, it's
understandable that you'd want to post them all as soon as you can, but
try to keep in mind it will knock other posts off the server before some
people can view them. Etiquette says to try limiting your posting so
that the majority of visitors to the ng can view all messages. If you
just really have an itch to post more than 50 walls today, post them in Flooding is not considered
bad form in that group, and most everyone who participates in
abp.wallpaper frequents that group as well.

2.5. How do you combine multi-part messages?
Large binaries need to be split up into multiple, linked parts for
posting. The fractions at the end of the message's subject line indicate
the part number. For instance, 2/3 is part 2 of a 3-part file. You need
all 3 parts available on your server to successfully download the file.
Picture binary files are NORMALLY single-part, thus they all should say
(1/1). (Note: Many automatic picture-downloading newsreaders need this
[1/1] in each message header in order for them to recognize it as a
picture post and download it.) They will not download a multi-part file.
To see the pic, you have to make your news-reading program combine the
parts and decode them together. Different newsreaders do this in
different ways.

MS Outlook Express
Highlight each part (by clicking on each one while holding down the
"Control" key)
Right click on any one of the highlighted posts
Click on "Combine and Decode" from the menu, put them in the order they
are to be combined in (OE normally does that for you) and then click

You will have to select all the parts (shift-click or ctrl-click) and
then save them all on your HD as one .uue file, for example:
When saving, be sure to select "plain text" and not "html."
Then launch WinZip and open the .uue file, WinZip will merge and decode

Agent (or FreeAgent)
Agent will automatically merge all the parts; you just have to be sure
you have downloaded all the parts.

Multi-part files are shown as one file, with a light blue icon, with the
number of parts shown in the "lines" column.
Simply click ONCE on the file name then press the SPACE bar to add it to
the "queue"
In the taskbar at the bottom, you will see an icon that looks like a
blue Rubik's Cube (actually it's the Windows Registry icon, being given
a new purpose in life)
Click on that to combine and decode.
It's also the best way to batch-download any amount of files, multi-
part, single-part, or mixed batch. Simply hold down the SPACE bar to add
any files to the queue.

If you use a different newsreader, check that programs Help file for

2.6. Concerning Screen Captures of Desktops
A while back, many people had been posting screen captures of their
desktops. The history of this phenomenon is a simple bandwagon effect.
Back in April '01 the group was experiencing a period of light activity
(only between 30 and 100 posts a day!). To encourage more posting, a
common and respected poster, Leppod, started posting the wallpaper he
had set on his desktop for any given day. His idea was an instant hit
and at least doubled the activity within the group. After about a week,
the one and only Jeepjer got it into his head that a screen capture of
his whole desktop (including icons, taskbar, etc.) would be kinda neat
to show people. Many got a lil' frustrated when they wanted the
wallpaper behind the icons and the poster hadn't posted it. It got to
the point that with every post of a desktop capture there was a request
for the actual wallpaper. So, if you are going to do this, it is
advisable to post the screen capture of the desktop and then make a
separate post of the wallpaper itself. This will cut down on the
inevitable request for the wall "without all the icons." Screen captures
of your desktop tell very interesting tale and it's cool to see how
other people configure and personalize they own machines, but include
the wallpaper in a
separate post so it can be used sans your icons.

2.7. Where can I find a good free server? (Who's computer is this?) - NewzBot! Public USENET Resources for the
Funny that the easiest to use also turns out to be the best there
is on the web. Most free (public) news server search sites require you
to become a "member" so they can justify their site by selling the list
of their "members" to spammers. This one doesn't. You don't have to
become a "member", it's very easy to use, provides all sorts of info on
each server, and has good basic Usenet info sources to boot. Take my
advice; use this site to find yourself a free news server.

2.8. What does "CSV" mean and what is a .csv file?
CSV stands for Comma Separated Value. This is a delimited database file
in a format that is easily opened with any text editor or spreadsheet
program. CSV files are created by Scanners to give collectors more
information about the images, and to aid them in completing the
collection. CSV files can be used by another program to check your
collection, and tell you what files are missing or corrupt (e.g. The!
Checker, Hunter).
FIRST, a CSV file is a list of all the files in a collection.
SECOND, it gives a file size for each image.
THIRD, it gives a description of each image. Before long file
names were possible, it was often hard to tell who was in the picture
without opening it. Even after opening it, you might ask yourself "who's
perfect ass is that?" A CSV overcomes this problem.

Good programs used to create .csv files and to check .csv files against
your collections are:
PicCheck (aka The!Checker): (Who's computer is this?)
and (Who's computer is this?)

You could also check these csv information sites: (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?)

Thanks to Sj and zAlien for the .csv info.

2.9. Why do people keep talking about "a.b.p.u" and
"wallpaper.duplicates" and "wallpaper.discussions"?
Good question, I'm glad you asked. "a.b.p.u" is the newsgroup. It was a dead group for about
a year and a half before we started using it. It was originally intended
for the posting of image and graphics programs, but no one had posted
anything to it for a very long time. In October 2001 a.b.p.w had high
posting traffic (600 posts per day on average) and we like to repost
everything we've done for the year at about that time. Reposting
everyone's wallpapers would have made a very busy newsgroup completely
chaotic and creating a new group is so excruciatingly hard it can take
years off your life. So, instead of trying to create a repost group, we
decided to find a dead group that was carried by most servers and ISP's.
a.b.p.u turned out to be such a group and was located near a.b.p.w in
the hierarchy tree. It seemed like a terrible waste to have a group
close to ours but that no one ever posted to. That's like having an
overcrowded office with a huge, empty storage room. So, now we use it
for reposts, usually of numerous files.

Since that time, however we have formed a sister group called that is designed to be the
place where we do our reposts, and a new but growing group,
abpw.discussions is becoming the place where we hold extended
conversations (aside from the occasional flame war or the weekly walrus
threads) about a.b.p.w. (Note: Kingfisher has written and maintains the
FAQ for abpw.discussion. He posts it regularly in that group. Please
refer to that document for any questions you may have about the
discussion group.) The utilities group these days has reverted back to
its original intention and is used to post tools that we find helpful in
making our masterpieces, such as filters, brushes, helper files/apps,
and even some educational files. a.b.p.w is not the only group that uses
it for that purpose. Many people from alt.binaries.amp also use it
frequently. a.b.p.u is relatively spam free so DO NOT CROSS-POST TO
A.B.P.U because cross-posting attracts spammers.

If your news provider does not carry the discussion or duplicates
groups, request them to do so! That is the only way for these groups to
grow and to help expand the abp.wallpaper universe!

2.10. What is yEnc? (Links updated 02.18.2008)
yEnc is a new NNTP (that's news messages for the low-tech among us)
messaging code that is making it's bid to replace UUencode and MIME
coding. Any encoding of binary files that can be used on USENET will
result in an overhead, or bloat of the filesize. The overhead for UU and
MIME is relatively fixed at 37-40%, the overhead for yEnc is variable,
but typically just 3-5%. Of course nothing comes for free, the major
drawback to yEnc is that it's not reliable for email messages (and hence
moderated binary groups) and the fact that it is new and thus not yet
supported internally by all newsreaders (OE and Netscape for example).
Will it survive? Who knows, consult your old Magic 8-Ball, but many
people are using it. Many of the major league newsreaders (MS Outlook
Express, Netscape, etc.) do not yet support it. But, many others do
support it. (Agent 1.91-3.0, Newsbin Pro 4 beta - 5.0, etc.). If you
want to download and view yEnc encoded messages, but don't have a
newsreader that supports it (like Outlook or Netscape), you have to
download and install a decoding program. One is called yProxy and is an
easy to use, free program available at (Who's computer is this?) (BAD LINK)
Takes you to ifirefly and its for profit "yProxy Pro" (Who's computer is this?) This is *Not* free.

Another is yEnc32 available at (Who's computer is this?)

There are probably others and you can find them by going to and searching for "yEnc"; I'm sure you'll get plenty of
options. Note: If you are going to post using yEnc, please mention it in
the subject line.

Here are some links to yEnc info sites: (Who's computer is this?) (Last updates: 28.03.2003)

WiNews Yenc (Who's computer is this?) (/yenc/ was not found)

Easy News Yenc (Who's computer is this?)
Problems with Yenc (Who's computer is this?)
yEnc Basic FAQ (Who's computer is this?)
Yenc32 (Who's computer is this?)

2.11. What is the Walrus? or What is the Weekly Wallpaper Contest
This is a wallpaper/graphics contest that is hosted by a.b.p.w. The
Weekly Wallpaper Contest actually has its own FAQ which is posted during
the week. Please refer to that FAQ for any, and all, questions
pertaining to the Weekly Wallpaper Contest and to find out what a Walrus
is. All Walrus submissions are now being archived at: (Who's computer is this?) Updates have been discontinued until
notice. A New Walrus site setup as a temporary messure:
( (Who's computer is this?) )

3. Sites of interest (* 12/19/2005)

The following sites may also be of interest:

All the USENET News readers you could want! (Who's computer is this?)
&so=descend (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?) - scanning tips (Who's computer is this?) - Wallpaper HQ over 30,000 wallpapers online (Who's computer is this?) (Who's computer is this?)

3.1. Can I view this newsgroup on the web? (Who's computer is this?) - a pay service that replaced the now
defunct free site. (Who's computer is this?) - it's a pay service that has been in
operation for some time. (Who's computer is this?) - it's brand new and I have no info available
for it yet.

Text messages can be viewed on, (Who's computer is this?) who has
acquired Deja News' library and news servers, but Google does not offer
viewing of picture files or any other binaries downloading from any ng.
Any suggestions, other info or new finds would be greatly appreciated by
posted to the ng with the subject reading "ATTN: ABPW maint - new info
for 'Questions You Might Have' document."

Suggestions anyone?

4. Software
Two types - stuff to create 'em & stuff to display 'em!

4.1. Creation
As mentioned earlier, quite a few programs routinely make their rounds

*(New link as of: 2-14.2008)
Curious Labs Poser ( (Who's computer is this?) )
*(New link as of: 2-14.2008)
DAZ Bryce ( (Who's computer is this?) )

Adobe® Photoshop®
( (Who's computer is this?) )
Adobe® Illustrator®
( (Who's computer is this?) )
POV-Ray ( (Who's computer is this?) )
JASC PaintShop Pro ( (Who's computer is this?) )

*(New link as of: 2-14.2008)
Vue Esprit ( (Who's computer is this?) )

4.2. Display

4.2.1 Desktop Display

WallMaster2.0b. (Freeware}: (Who's computer is this?)
WallMaster. (Commercial version) (Who's computer is this?)

WallPaper Changer. (Freeware}: (Who's computer is this?)

Desktop Architect (Freeware}: (Who's computer is this?)

Wall2Wall (Freeware}: (Who's computer is this?)

Panorama32. (Freeware}: (Who's computer is this?)
Now defaults to : (Who's computer is this?)

MS Wallpaper Powertoy for XP (Freeware}: (Who's computer is this?)

Chowny's Wallpaper Changer (Freeware}: Designed by apb.wallpaper's very
own Chowny! (Who's computer is this?)

4.2.2. Picture Viewers

General pic viewers are always good to have, these are the most popular
and most are freeware or shareware.

IrfanView (Jer's personal fav) is hands down the best image-viewing
program available. It is also the best and easiest to use for making
indexes! (Who's computer is this?)

ACDsee at: (Who's computer is this?)

Thumbs Plus (Who's computer is this?)

Compupic (Who's computer is this?)

4.3. Auto-Posters
PowerPost 2000 is pretty much the most popular out there, easy to use
and free to download. Find it at: (Who's computer is this?)

(Note: as of this writing, the cosmicwolf website is down and under
construction. However, if you ask nicely in either abp.wallpaper, abpu,
or the discussion group there is usually someone who can post a copy of
it for you.)

If you know of any other software that should be included in this FAQ,
please post your suggestion to the group and if will be looked at and
added to this FAQ.

4.4 Auto Grabbers
An auto grabber is a program, which downloads multiple posts from a
newsgroup automatically. I only really know of one, Power Grab 2002,
which is pretty powerful and easy to use. You can also download this
program from: (Who's computer is this?)

If you know of any others, please let me know and I'll add them to
this FAQ.

5. Anything else?
Not really. Enjoy the NG! Any suggestions, information, corrections?
As of 12/19/2005, if you have any suggestions or corrections for this
document, please post your inquiry to the group with the Subject header
of (ABPW Suggestions).

6. Amendments, History, Notes
Quite a bit of this document has been amended since its original
drafting. section 2.3 was added as a suggestion for indexing. Sections
2.4, 2.5, 2.7, 2.8 and 2.10 were added because people keep asking those
questions. Section 2.6 was added when that became popular (just for the
halibut). Section 2.9 was added when we started doing our overflow
reposting into that group in October of 2001. Section 2.11 was added
after the fourth week of the Weekly Wallpaper Contest (9/27/2002).
Section 3.0 - Common Posters has been amended to reflect those who
currently take a large part in the ng. Those who were previously listed
were removed by Critter due to their disappearance and new additions
placed there by Jer (aka - Jeepjerultra). History - section 3.0 has been
removed from this FAQ and has been replaced by a document of its own -
the Wallpaper Binaries I.D. List. Scarecrow did the initial formatting
and aesthetics update.

Critter, the original maintainer of this document, disappeared and
Heretic took over the reins of the FAQ. The original was posted on
Critter's site and then on Heretic's, both which are now defunct.
Critter created it with suggestions from those present at the time and
it now continues with suggestions made in the present group. Critter
wrote it to be loose and more of a guideline than as hard and fast
rules. It continues to mirror the relaxed, easy-going nature of the

Note from Shamari [09.10.05] - After realizing that the FAQ had gone
seriously out of date, Jer asked for a volunteer to help update the
document so I've gone through and updated the out of date information,
removing non-working links and information that no longer applies or has
changed. Section 3.0 was put back in at some time after Heretic's note
but now is Sites of Interest. Section 1.1.1 was removed by me due to
redundancy. The Wallpaper Binaries ID List is a stand alone document and
is housed, along with the FAQ, on the abpw website (No longer available).
As of this writing, the FAQ maintainer is serinbellum and together (seri,
Jer, and myself) will try to keep this FAQ as clean and up to date as we
are able.

Note from seri: [09.23.05] Under the guidance of Jer and Shamari, I
undertook the monstrous task of essentially rewriting the FAQ. Most of
the information stayed the same. All I did was bring the document a wee
bit into the present time. Shamari made sure all the links were valid
and Jer assisted with formatting and questions on history and group
precedents. Major changes to the document were as follows:

*sec 1.2 was changed to reflect the new home on the web for this
document and all other group info

*sec 1.4.2 info was added and updated for various programs on usage of

*sec 2.1-2.1.1 were rewritten to reflect that all images are fair game
as long as they conform to the wallpaper criteria and are properly
tagged if required. We are here to create and share, not censor

*sec 2.4 was rewritten to reflect the limit of 50 files per day as a
guideline for flooding

*the order of sec.'s 2.4 and 2.5 were switched so to have the parts on
indexes and flooding together as they tend to run hand in hand

*sec 2.9 was rewritten to include info about the duplicates and
discussion groups

*sec 4 all subsections had extraneous text removed and links updated so
that the section would be easier to navigate

*all references to Heretic's contact info for updates were removed and
changed to reflect seri's info as the FAQ maintainer.

After the disappearance of Critter and Heretic, Jer diligently and
faithfully maintained the FAQ until the summer of aught-four ('04) when
he asked for a volunteer to take over the reins as RL obligations did
not afford him the time to do so. I volunteered for the task and posted
the existing document bi-weekly until Jan '05 when RL had also
sidetracked me from the duties. JDa was kind enough to step in during
this time period to post the FAQ regularly in my absence, and to him I
am grateful for the assistance.

seri came back from the abyss of Real Life to resume my duties as the
maintainer and will post it again, bi-weekly on Mondays and Thursdays,
and update it from time to time as is warranted.

*(12/12/2005) references to seri are in the process of being removed.
seri has decided to step down and the FAQ poster/maintainer.

As of 12/12/2005, seri has decided to pass on the rains, and once again
JDa has stepped in to post the group FAQ to the list! Per JDa the group
FAQ should be posted at or around the same time as the Walrus Contest

*(12/19/2005) references to Shamari and her Web site are in the process
of being removed. Shamari has decided to step down as the FAQ Web site

As of 12/19/2005, if you have any suggestions or corrections for this
document, please post your inquiry to the group with the Subject header
of (ABPW Suggestions).

On 07/10/2006, KimberzWolf (aka Wolf), started a discussion to include
wide screen format monitors to be added to section 2.2 of this FAQ.
The discussion was seconded by st serinbellus and positive responses
from le Revenant, JDa, Lyndia, and Tikitom. Replacement wording, to
rewrite the portions of Section 2.2 to include all possible screen aspect
ratios, that was briefly in the thread started by KimberzWolf.
Added changes were made and radified with no objection, and added on

Thank you.

Last update: 02.14.2008 (All Web Links checked for correctness)


Addendum #1 Common Display Resolutions Table

Common Display Resolutions
Computer Graphics Full Screen Resolutions

Computer Standard Resolution
Display Aspect Ratio Pixels

MOS Technology VIC-II multicolor, IBM PCjr 16-color 160 x 200
4:5 32,000

TMS9918, ZX Spectrum 256 x 192
4:3 49,152

CGA 4-color, Atari ST 16 color, 320 x 200
8:5 64,000
MOS Technology VIC-II HiRes,
Original Amiga OCS NTSC LowRes

QVGA 320 x 240
4:3 76,800

Original Amiga OCS PAL LowRes 320 x 256
5:4 76,800

Apple Macintosh Black & white Macintosh (9") 512 x 342
3:2 175,104

Macintosh LC (12")/Macintosh Color Classic 512 x 384
4:3 196,608

Atari ST 4 color, Color Graphics Adapter(CGA) mono, 640 x 200
16:5 128,000
Original Amiga OCS NTSC HiRes

Original Amiga OCS PAL HiRes 640 x 256
5:2 163,840

Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA) 640 x 350
64:35 (approx. 9:5) 224,000

Atari ST mono, Original Amiga OCS NTSC interlaced 640 x 400
8:5 256,000

VGA and Multicolor_Graphics_Adapter (MCGA) 640 x 480
4:3 307,200

Amiga OCS PAL interlaced 640 x 512
5:4 327,680

Hercules Graphics Card (HGC) 720 x 348
60:29 (approx. 2:1) 250,560

Monochrome Display Adapter (MDA) 720 x 350
72:35 (approx. 2:1) 252,000

Apple Lisa 720 x 360
2:1 259,200

WGA 800 x 480
5:3 384,000

SVGA 800 x 600
4:3 480,000

XGA 1024 x 768
4:3 786,432

NeXTcube 1120 x 832
35:26 (approx. 4:3) 931,840

XGA+ 1152 x 864
4:3 995,328

SXGA 1280 x 1024
5:4 1,310,720

WXGA 1366 x 768
16:9 1,049,088

WSXGA Wide XGA+ or WXGA+ 1440 x 900 16:10

SXGA+ 1400 x 1050
4:3 1,470,000

WSXGA 1600 x 1024
25:16 1,638,400

WSXGA+ 1680 x 1050
16:10 1,764,000

UXGA 1600 x 1200
4:3 1,920,000

WUXGA 1920 x 1200
16:10 2,304,000

QXGA 2048 x 1536
4:3 3,145,728

WQXGA 2560 x 1600
16:10 4,096,000

QSXGA 2560 x 2048
5:4 5,242,880

WQSXGA 3200 x 2048
25:16 6,553,600

QUXGA 3200 x 2400
4:3 7,680,000

WQUXGA 3840 x 2400
16:10 9,216,000

HSXGA 5120 x 4096
5:4 20,971,520

WHSXGA 6400 x 4096
25:16 26,214,400

HUXGA 6400 x 4800
4:3 30,720,000

WHUXGA 7680 x 4800
16:10 36,864,000

--Additional Graphics Resolutions -

TV/HiDef TV Monitor Resolution
Display Aspect Ratio Pixels

1080 native resolution 1920 x 1080
16:9 2,073,600

720p 1280 x 720
16:9 921,600

? 1920 x 1200
16:10 2,304,000

480p 640 x 480
4:3 307,200


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