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Subject:  Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for - PLEASE READ
Date:  29 Feb 2008 12:40:01 -0600
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for

by (SandBoy)
inspired by Dspiral, Ingo and Galactus

This FAQ will be posted weekly for the benefit of new readers
of this group.

Q: What is this group all about?

NON-NUDE, NON-SEXUAL pictures (scanned images, and video capture
stills) of boys.

This group is intended to replace ALT.BINARIES.PICTURES.BOYS.

All pictures are to be NON-PORNOGRAPHIC in nature (as defined by
Federal law in the USA.) Anyone may participate, but must be aware and
respect the intention of the FAQ. Any posting of pornographic
pictures will be cause for a cancellation and a complaint to be sent
to the site they originated from and possibly others.

Nude pictures are NOT allowed.

You should carefully consider the content of a picture before posting

The following types of images are NOT allowed:

images in which an erection is shown or inferred i.e. "tents"
images showing any simulation of any sexual activity
series of images depicting undressing
images that focus on the pubic or genital region (this includes images
that are cropped to show only the pubic or anal region)
any images of boys being harmed
pictures that the owner has asked not be posted to usenet
pictures which are part of an "erotica" series including cropped
masked or altered versions or pictures which would otherwise
conform to the guidelines in a.b.p.b.r. if not part of such a
series. (Such altered, modified or otherwise FAQ-compliant
pictures can result in the posting of, or requests for others in
the series, or the "full, uncropped" versions which are NOT
acceptable in a.b.p.b.r.)


Requests and letters of thanks are permitted.
0/1 posts are permitted.

No sexual discussion is permitted.
No offers to trade pictures are permitted.
No requests for non-FAQ compliant pictures are permitted.
No personal ads are permitted.
No ads are permitted.
No attacks on persons are permitted.
No racist remarks or name calling is permitted.
No inquiries are permitted regarding "liberal" news servers or
newsgroups that may contain nude or illegal images.
No discussion of any body part other than the face is permitted.

If you are looking to post pornographic pictures, GO AWAY!!!

Pictures of known young celebrities should be posted to

- - - - -Everything else is strongly encouraged to be posted in this

The a.b.p.b.r. newsgroup is first and foremost a BINARIES newsgroup
for pictures of boys. UseNet is a global community and as such
subjects of all races and cultures are welcome.

Q: Why should such a binary group exist?

A: There are a large number of people who post to and wish to have a retromoderated

Q: Who will be canceling posts?

A: At this time the following people will be making cancels:

SandBoy (
Punkboy (
Blueboy (

No other person may cancel posts in this newsgroup.

Q. What about crosposted articles?

A: Crossposting FAQ compliant pictures is allowed, however, non-FAQ
compliant posts will be canceled (which means they are canceled from
all the groups they were posted to.)

Q: If I wish to post or request images are there any suggestions?

A: Yes. Please try to use tact. Some things are obvious in images and
do not need to be pointed out, such as attire. Instead of commenting
on attire, it is better to comment on the activity, such as swimming,
bike riding, or exercising. Think about the impression that other
readers would have when viewing the headers, text post, filename or
your e-mail address.

Follow up e-mail about this FAQ to: (SandBoy)

Last updated 6/5/99.


Version: 2.6.2


'Keep your stick on the ice' (Red Green)

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