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Subject:  [FAQ] Welcome to alt.arts.poetry.comments! Read this first!
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Welcome to AAPC!

A FAQ and other resources for our newsgroup are available here:
< (Who's computer is this?) >

If you are new to the group, or need to check etiquette or protocol,
go straight to the *FAQ*.
< (Who's computer is this?) >
The *Help* section might... er... help you, too.

Good online and offline reading recommendations can be found under
< (Who's computer is this?) >

You discover that another poster is better informed than you. You
smile enigmatically, and scurry off to the *Research* page. You
return, pretending you knew that stuff all along.
< (Who's computer is this?) >

The *Help Files* are a miscellaneous collection of resources deemed
useful, including commentary on AAPC culture etc.
< (Who's computer is this?) >

PJR :-)

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